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Mikayla and Nathaniel wanted a wedding day that was beautiful and simple while still remembering what’s important and that it’s just one day! E.V.O. Kitchen ( was the perfect place for exactly that feeling. With it’s beautiful windows and lighting, not much had to be done to enhance its beauty…

Bride & Groom: Mikayla Alexander and Nathaniel Deshpande

Venue: EVO Kitchen | Photo: Simply Wedding Photography
Venue: EVO Kitchen | Photo: Simply Wedding Photography

Ceremony: Bride’s parents’ backyard in Galt, Ontario

Reception Location: E.V.O. Kitchen (
“The ceremony location was a simple choice due to how sentimental it was. The space was so beautiful with the gardens and evergreens that you could just imagine some little champagne flutes and fancy attire of guests.
EVO Kitchen followed suit. As a local photographer we had worked with Taryn at E.V.O. before so we knew how fabulous she was. We also loved the natural light that floods the space. We wanted to keep everything as low key as possible but of course, still wanted to keep it beautiful. E.V.O. didn’t need us to add a thing! The great wood tables, brick walls, light-flooding windows, gold legged chairs. And… if the aesthetics of the place don’t get you, then the incredible, to die for, mind blowing food will!” – M

Colour Palette: “I guess it was greys, greens and gold? To be honest we didn’t pick a colour palette we just kinda picked things as we liked them.” – M

Theme: “We didn’t have a theme. It was just important for our guests to eat well, drink well and dance well. We kept to do lists short as well as setup.” – M&N

Flowers: “We used Costco and Zehrs. We had greens and baby’s breath for all the bridesmaids and tables. For the bride’s bouquet we just chose a pretty monochromatic bouquet from Zehrs. A darling girlfriend and bridesmaids helped to put together the simple centrepieces, bridesmaids’ green bouquets and boutonnieres.” – M

Décor: “We had so many talented friends who we utilized. Chloe Calligraphy did all of our darling signs. Nathaniel made the donut wall. My dad made the arch that we were married under- can not get more sentimental than that. The arch is now is our garden and it’s a great memento from that day!” – M

DIY: “We kept things as simple as possible. So yes and no. We did do the flowers but were quite easy to throw together for simple elegance.” – M

Invitations/stationery: Vistaprint (

Cake: “We didn’t have a cake but we had a donut wall that Nathaniel made. Donuts were from Zehrs” – M

Wedding favours: Brant Cookies (, “They were adorable and SOO delicious!” – M

Groomsmen and Grooms attire: “The groom and groomsmen wore a variety of black suits. We figure black was the easiest colour for the groomsmen to gather without having to dictate what specific suit to wear. Ties and accessories were from Amazon.” – M

Bridesmaids attire and accessories: “Bridesmaids’ dresses were slate grey and they were $20. I’ve been a bridesmaid enough times to know that no one is wearing that dress again so we choose a neutral colour. We took a risk and ordered them from across the ocean. I think all the girls were happy to not have to buy or rent for a lot more. They had baby’s breath in their hair and earrings from Pearland88 on Etsy. The earrings were rose gold tear drops for an extra elegant touch.” – M

DJ: Google Play

Brides dress and accessories: “My dress was on clearance and from David’s Bridal ( A friend of mine made me the most amazing cape to go with my dress. It was simply stunning! My earrings were from Lottie Da Designs on Etsy ( and they were rose gold 1920’s style Marquise shaped. My shoes were from Spring ( and they were rose gold and so comfy for dancing! I also wore two bracelets that were give to me on that day. One by my Maid/Man of honor and one by my groom. Both sentimental and so special.” – M

Wedding Cape: “A girlfriend had made this for me and it seriously stole the show. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I cannot thank her enough! She purchased the beautiful appliqués from New York and hand sewn it.” – M

Hair and Makeup: “Two of my close girlfriends are talented in hair and makeup and they did it for me. It was so much fun to have two of my friends there with me that morning. They did the best job ever. We took a trip to MAC cosmetics before hand to stock up on some extra fancy items.” – M

Catering:E.V.O. Kitchen ( did all of our food and it was to die for. Many guests told us that night and for weeks after, how amazing the food was. I mean you can’t beat a taco and poutine bar. . We barely ate that day and it meant the WORLD to us that Taryn sent us home with a doggie bag to enjoy the next day. It was like our own little post-wedding feast complete with tacos, cheese boards and pulled pork!” – M&N

Photographer:  Simply Wedding Photography ( “Our photographer was a friend of ours and we choose them to be not just our photographer but to make memories with us. If anyone has worked with Simply Wedding Photography you know that Jacqueline also brings such joy and fun to your wedding day!” – M&N

Biggest challenge: “I’m not sure there was one. We had a four month engagement but we just agreed to remember that it was going to be a glorious day and not sweat the small details.” – M

Fav wedding memory: “There is a video a dear friend took at the end of the night where about 10 of us were in a circle with linked arms, swaying back and forth and loudly singing Aerosmith “I don’t want to miss a thing.” It’s my favourite. Some of my favourite humans, in this wonderful moment of signing and celebrating. It was the perfect ending to such a good day surrounded by love and our favourite people. A close second was having some time alone with my Maid and Man of Honor right before we walked down the aisle. We got shoved into a room while the groom was in the house. Someone grabbed a bottle of Champagne and we just passed it around taking some sips while all in our jitters, excitement and laughter. Ugh, there are so many more but those are just a few.” – M

Advice from one bride to another: “Decide what your priorities are and make decisions based on that. Less is more. No one notices half the little signs you make, the little DIY things that never turn out quite the way you thought it would. Not everyone has to be on a smaller budget like we decided to be but make sure the things that your invest in are what is important. It is the most magical day ever but remember it is just a day. Make a point of taking a moment to be alone together as bride and groom, or bride and bride or groom and groom. To just look at each other and take it all in. It sounds cliché, but even if you are in a room surrounded by people step to the side, or walk around the building or just look at each other and pause at your head table. Take a moment and just look at each other. This is your day. Breath. Kiss. And remember to just sit in it for a few moments. It’s a wedding day and it is truly one of the best days. Just soak it up a little and squeeze your newly beloved tight. It is what will make it the most beautiful of days.” – M&N

Venue: EVO Kitchen | Photo: Simply Wedding Photography
Venue: EVO Kitchen | Photo: Simply Wedding Photography

MORE ABOUT E.V.O. KITCHEN | Happiness starts with the food at E.V.O. Kitchen ( more details in their review in The Ring, here. To find out more, email E.V.O. Kitchen directly using the form below. 🙂


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