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Vanessa and Issac love all things ‘outdoorsy’ and they wanted to bring that idea to their outdoor wedding. They had an outdoor ceremony and an outdoor tented wedding and the whole day was complete with a nighttime bonfire!

COUPLE: Vanessa and Issac

DATE: August 27, 2022

CEREMONY LOCATION: Serendipity Wood (Family Cabin) “Both our ceremony and reception locations were the perfect place to bring have our outdoor wedding and bring our family and friends together.” – V

RECEPTION LOCATION: Bridle Rose Farms (Family Farm) 

GUEST #: 75


 Elli Bel Photography “We were looking for a local photographer who was the whole package – talented, relaxed, kind, excited, and easy to work with. We wanted someone that would bring out outdoor wedding to life. Elli Bel Photography was the easy choice and she was the best to work with!” – V

TELL US YOUR STORY!: “I met Isaac at a games night being hosted by the University of Guelph Geography Society. He was there to find some group mates for a final project. I was there to forget academia all together. The whole night Isaac made me laugh, especially when playing telephone pictionary. Not known for his artistic pursuits, but his little drawing of an octopus driving a dump truck really stole my heart. He later walked me back to the bus stop for the night and my only thanks was accidentally referring to him as ‘Michael’ the whole way there, which he still makes fun of to this day.

Two weeks later…

After that, I didn’t see Isaac again for two weeks, as I came down with a really nasty flu. Once I returned from my exodus, Isaac would find me everywhere on campus. He’d sneakily steal my time, bringing me cookies, telling me jokes, and best of all, sharing his outdoorsy adventures with me. We’d spend hours sharing pictures of our most recent canoe, backpacking, and hiking trips – literally everything under the sun. We’d get so carried away that I would inevitably ‘forget’ to study. There was more than one occasion when I nearly failed an exam because of this man!” – V

COLOUR PALETTE/THEME: “Burgundy, brown, white, and various reds. We really wanted to convey the theme of outdoor wedding love”-V


FLORALS: Petals Flower Co.

BRIDE’S ATTIRE: Six Pence Bridal


GROOM + GROOMSMEN ATTIRE: Shirt: Moores Clothing for Men Pants: DU/ER Bowties: Azazie  

HAIR: Younique Hair & Esthetics

MAKEUP: Cass Chic Esthetics

CAKE: “One of our lovely bridesmaids made a homemade blueberry cheesecake.” – V

CATERING: Countrystyle BBQ & Catering

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “First, it was very challenging to find vendors as everyone was booked up. We had to make some very quick fire decisions once we found our availability. This was incredibly stressful, but in the end it all worked out.

Second, we had a very unconventional wedding – we didn’t have a dance or alcohol, which may have ruffled a few feathers. However, both of those things are bonkers expensive and come with liabilities in a rural area.

Instead of a dance, we had an open mic for all and a campfire. We sang songs together in a close-knit, impactful way, which was so special. During the reception, there was a walk-in refrigerator filled with all kinds of beverages. For those who didn’t want to drive, camping was possible.” – C 

FAVOURITE MEMORY: “Isaac and I both agree, that one of our favourite moments was during our vows. Our cousin Helen was so invested in our words, that she accidentally dropped her son, Davis, (a very, very short distance – he’s fine!), and he started to cry. We started laughing mid-vows and continued on our merry way. We think it was hilarious and love that it made everything feel more real at the end of the day.” – V&I

ADVICE FROM ONE COUPLE TO ANOTHER: “Do what YOU want. When other people have an opinion, it’s advice – not what you have to do. It’s your wedding, your moment, your day. You’re allowed to make decisions that make you happy.” – V&I

As seen in the Fall/Winter 2023 issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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