All you need is love... and

A Niagara engagement photoshoot was the perfect place for Jess and Nathan to celebrate their love story. With the Niagara escarpment as their background they were able to capture some breathtaking photos.

COUPLE: Jess and Nathan


PHOTOGRAPHY: Jess and Nathan’s Niagara engagement was captured by Spirits Intriqued Photography

LOCATION: Niagara Escarpment

TELL US ABOUT YOUR STORY: “If I had to distil what I’ve learned about finding love from getting to know Jessica into two pieces of advice, they would be:

1. Classified ads are a great way to meet people.
2. Choose friends who are less oblivious than you are.

If you ask Jess, we supposedly met for the first time at a U of T quiz bowl club meeting sometime in 2016. But I have no recollection of this and if we did, we didn’t talk to each other. How we actually met was in the earth science undergraduate lounge in October 2018. I had posted an ad for a climbing partner on the lounge whiteboard, not necessarily looking to meet some young women, (bonus if that happened though). No one answered.

No one, that is, until I happened to talk to Jess in the lounge, and she realized that I was the one who had posted the ad.

She had intended to email me, but someone had erased the board. Ironically given that it will soon be hers, she had forgotten how to spell my last name. We met up at a department pub night later that day, and before she even got there, my friend Sam could already tell that I was smitten. Sam wasted no time in making obnoxious comments to that effect, and suggesting that I ask her out.

Much to my chagrin, Jess started dating someone else within about a week. We would still talk and occasionally go climbing together for the next couple of months. I distinctly remember that it was on one of these trips that I knew I had fallen completely in love with a girl who wasn’t mine (although she was single at this point, and I just didn’t know it)…” – N 

As seen in the Fall/Winter issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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