All you need is love... and

WEDDING DATE: August 28th, 2021

CEREMONY LOCATION: St. Marks Catholic Church (, Kitchener, ON

RECEPTION LOCATION: Concordia Club (♥) (, Kitchener, ON “We chose the Concordia Club because of the rustic attributes of the inside of the building. It is wood with cast iron chandeliers, and the height of the ceilings drew us in. The rustic vibe gave us a sense of warmth and being home.” – B

PHOTOGRAPHY: Peter B Photography ( Kitchener, ON “We found Peter through Instagram. A friend of ours used Peter for her wedding. What stood out to us was Peter’s ‘dreamy photos’. We also loved his editing abilities, creating bright and natural photos. They were great to work with and had great knowledge of different photo locations in the region.” – B

GUEST #: 85

COLOUR PALETTE/THEME: “Our overall colour scheme was navy and champagne gold. The theme was simple but elegant.” – B

BRIDE + BRIDESMAID ATTIRE: Sophie’s Gown Shoppe ( Kitchener, ON

GROOM + GROOMSMEN ATTIRE: Stars & Strauss ( Kitchener, ON

DJ: Complete Weddings and Events ( Kitchener, ON

CAKE: Nidha’s Treat ( Cambridge, ON

MIDNIGHT BUFFET & ESPRESSO BAR: Bella Vista Catering & Events ( Kitchener, ON

TELL US YOUR STORY: “Michael and I define destiny. We were meant to be from the very beginning. It only took the universe a few fun ways of bringing us together for us to figure it out. Whenever we tell our story it still amazes us how many times our paths crossed, only to end up together and married now. The reason it amazes us is that our lives, even before we existed, were intertwined. Our story transcends oceans where our moms both grew up in the same tiny village in Northern Portugal. They both immigrated to the same city; out of all the places they could have picked in Canada they chose Kitchener. Michael is three years older than I am, so we weren’t so much in the same circle of friends, but we were always around each other. Whether that be functions at our local Portuguese club, being in the same Portuguese credit course together for two years, or just finding their family randomly at Victoria Park and spending the afternoon with them. At one point we were even neighbours for a couple of years. I was the girl next door and he was the boy next door. Still, we didn’t figure it out. All it took was for the universe to make one last move. It was Cuba in 2015. We both ended up there in the same city, at the same hotel, at the same time. It was that week where Michael went from the boy who was always around, to Michael the boy who I needed to be with. After that trip, he never left my mind. He left for China a few weeks after Cuba and when he got back, I used the excuse of meeting up on campus (we both went to the University of Waterloo) to catch up over a cup of coffee to get his number. We never went out for coffee… But a few months and scattered messages later he finally took me on a date. What makes our love story so incredible is we have never really spent too much time together in the same city or even country for that matter. Whether it be him living in different cities like Toronto and Hamilton, or us traveling to different countries without each other for months at a time. We ALWAYS came back to each other. No amount of distance, time, or time zone changes could keep either one of us away. It only made the time we had together that much more magical. Our story has been filled with years of adventures, love, memories, happiness, and surprises. On December 19th, 2019, in front of hundreds of people and the massive Christmas tree at the Toronto Christmas market during the most magical time of the year, he asked me to be his wife. I thank my lucky stars that he is mine and will be mine for a lifetime. We went from friends to best friends, to husband and wife. Now you tell me if destiny doesn’t exist.” – B & M

Featured in the Spring/Summer 2022 edition of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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