All you need is love... and

Tyler and Caitlin love relaxing at home together, so a simple proposal after ten years of dating was the perfect way for Tyler to ask Caitlin to marry him!

Couple: Caitlin Carter and Tyler Kissack

Years together: Almost 10 years.

Photographer: Fedora Media (

Tell us your story!: “Tyler and I first started dating almost ten years ago, but we knew about each other before then. We worked at sister restaurants but had never met, despite having the same mutual friends. I was hosting a house party with my roommates, and we invited the chef at his restaurant, a friend of mine, and Tyler’s roommate. He invited Tyler, who almost didn’t come but decided at the last minute to attend.

I saw him and immediately decided I was going to date him. And so we did!

Our first date was a comedy of errors, my car nearly broke down on the way, and Tyler forgot his wallet. But the connection was obvious. Falling for each other was easy. We worked at various restaurants together over the years but quickly realized that we did much better living together than working together. We moved into a tiny apartment with three rooms and lived there for years. We adopted two cats, Emmy and Sookie, and love them with all our hearts.

We’ve supported each other through some of the hardest times; Tyler is my rock, consistent, true, and kind, and has always been quietly there for me. I knew after he supported me while I dealt with several illnesses that he was always going to be there.

We’re not a fancy couple. We love nothing more than curling up on a couch and watching Lord of the Rings together or playing D&D.

So Tyler’s simple proposal felt just right. Tyler got down on one knee on a Sunday night, unable to keep the ring a secret anymore. I obviously said yes.

From there, it’s been a whirlwind. We bought a house, we’re planning a wedding, and we can’t wait to be married this October!” – C

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