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Bride & Groom: Danielle Zhou & Paul Nogas

Wedding Date: 17-Oct-2020

Guest #: 12

Ceremony Location: Toronto

Reception Location: Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory (

Photographer: Fedora Media (

Colour Palette: “Our palette was fall colors including burnt orange, pumpkin, and peach”

Tell us your story!: “We got engaged in November 2019, when we started putting together the guest list, COVID already limited traveling and events quite significantly so we just put it on hold. Around August 2020 we thought we shouldn’t put our lives on hold because there was no guarantee when the pandemic would end. We decided that we would have an intimate micro-wedding the same year, then worry about planning a larger party in the future. October would be the last month we could possibly pull it off without the weather getting too cold. So we literally planned our entire wedding in 2 months! The first thing I did was to buy a wedding dress and I did that on my first visit to a bridal store in Toronto, on about the 4th dress I tried on. We quickly moved to venue and food selection, decors, music, and other logistics. We planned for around 15 guests, although only 12 showed up in the end when COVID worsened. The entire planning process was really really enjoyable, and we thought we had the most perfect wedding day we could ever imagine. It was so beautiful and joyful, everyone had a wonderful time, and I couldn’t stop smiling the entire day. We had a couple of different ceremonies throughout the day, just to bring in some cultural and symbolic elements. The nature where we stayed, and the butterfly conservatory where we held our wedding, were just truly beautiful.”

Invitations/stationery: I purchased templates from Etsy and did it myself

Cake: Crazy Good Cakes (

Floral: Urban Jungle Flowers (

Hair & Makeup: Applied Elegance (

Catering: The venue provided hors d’oeuvre and dinner, they were delicious

How did you find your photographer?: “We started our wedding planning online, the first vendor we wanted to finalize within our short planning timeframe was the photographer! We looked at Fedora’s website, enjoyed Trent’s photography style, and liked the packages. We messaged them, along with a couple of other photographers. We then had a follow-up Zoom call with Trent, in which he answered all of our questions and concerns. We had our engagement session at the Royal Botanic Garden and everything turned out beautiful. On our wedding day, Trent and his partner had some great ideas and a great eye for details. I am super happy and grateful for Trent capturing the precious moments of our wedding.”

Biggest Challenge: “It was difficult on me that more family members and friends could not be part of our wedding because of COVID. The pictures became more important to capture these moments and can be shared more widely. We made a website ahead of our wedding day, to let our extended family and friends join us virtually in some way. It was also our intention from the start, to do a small COVID wedding first, then perhaps do another make-up celebration with everyone a few years later down the road when the pandemic settles.”

Best Memory: “My best memory was the beautiful nature surrounding us on the day. We stayed at a farm estate right in the middle of tall trees and fall colors. Colorful maple leaves and gorgeous sunlight decorated the entire day. We did our tea ceremony, first look, and some photoshoots there, then we transitioned to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory where the season was changed into summer! It was a magical and whimsical spot with fresh greeneries, butterflies, a waterfall, small animals like turtles. We had a wedding ceremony and did our vows right under the waterfall. I will forever remember the beautiful and naturalistic elements on my wedding” day.

Any advice for couples planning their wedding?: “This may not be for everyone, but certainly worked for me – planning a wedding in a short period of time, like 2 or 3 months intensively, can actually be very liberating. I felt like I had a lot of fun in 2 months planning towards a goal, then felt very relieved, and enjoyed my honeymoon and life fully right after. I think I wouldn’t want to consume my whole year on wedding planning.”

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