All you need is love... and

WEDDING DATE: October 9th, 2021

CEREMONY LOCATION: Hay Creek Conservation Area, Port Ryerse, ON

RECEPTION LOCATION: Private Residence, Simcoe, ON

PHOTOGRAPHY: Rebecca Sprau Photography ( Delhi, ON “We’ve worked with Rebecca in the past for a couple’s boudoir shoot, that we absolutely loved. She was amazing at capturing us and our love. So it was only fitting she do our engagement and wedding.” R

GUEST #: 70

COLOUR PALETTE: Nudes, Ivory, Browns, and Navy Blue.” – R

BRIDE ATTIRE: Bridal Boutique ( Brantford, ON

GROOM ATTIRE: Moores Clothing for Men (♥) ( Brantford, ON

HAIR & MAKEUP: Fembridal (@fembridal) Waterford, ON

DÉCOR RENTALS: First Stop Wedding Decor Rentals (♥) (@firststopweddingdecor) Brantford, ON

OFFICIANT: Wedding Ceremonies by All Seasons ( Brantford, ON

CATERING: Giles Catering ( Brantford, ON

TELL US YOUR STORY: “I see us as the modern-day love story! We are both from small towns close to each other and hung out with some of the same people but never crossed paths. Fast forward through all the bad relationships on both sides, we ended up finding each other on social media. I can’t even say it was our old souls, values, and the way we viewed what a relationship should be like that drew us together. That would be a lie. Sexual attraction is what caught our eyes. He liked my curves, big booty, and risqué pics. His muscles and tattoos are what drove me crazy at first sight. Then after talking, I realized that he was like no other man I’d ever talked to. He was so genuine and sincere, always asking about my day, my kids, and just a nice conversation. To sum it up nicely he wasn’t a pig that a lot of girls have been victim to on social media platforms. That’s what really made him stand out from the rest. But I must have made an impression on him as well. He wouldn’t give up on wanting to get to know me more and take me out for dinner. He said he didn’t know what it was about me but for a woman he’s never met in person, he just couldn’t get me out of his head. He had to know more about me, and his persistence paid off. We met up for a few drinks and talked all night like we’ve known each other for years. Then we had a kiss that was like magic. You know in movies when they kiss and there are fireworks? That’s what it was like: full-blown fireworks! We stayed up that whole night talking and watched the sun come up. We couldn’t believe how 10 hours could have passed so fast. Then we had an actual date! It was amazing. We both had the craziest feeling, like we’d known each other forever and just go together like peanut butter and jelly. By our second date, when he was cooking dinner for me and we were just enjoying the easy conversation and delicious food, I knew I wasn’t going to let him get away. Ever since that day, we have been inseparable. We’ve grown so much in ourselves as individuals, together as a couple, and as a family. We’ve accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. It’s honestly like breathing fresh air to be with another adult the wants the same things as you do, the same goals, and just wants everything good that life has to offer you. To be with someone who loves you so much it’s never questioned because they don’t only tell you, they show you every day just how much you mean to them. I honestly never thought a love like this existed. David has redefined everything I ever thought love was. This is our real-life fairy tale, and we are living for it. So much so, he put a ring on it two weeks after our one-year anniversary and we got married not even a year after that. TIL DEATH DO US PART.” – R

BEST MEMORY: “The way he looked at me walking down the aisle to him, the pure happiness in his eyes (he cried). His was seeing me for the first time in my dress walking towards him (he was emotional). The moment we got to see each other for the first time and when we got the first moment alone to soak it all in, we knew we were each other’s forever.” – R

Featured in the Spring/Summer 2022 edition of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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