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WEDDING DATE: July 10th, 2021

LOCATION: Greystone Acres (@greystoneacres), Elora, ON

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jess Collins Photography ( Kitchener, ON “We found Jess at The Wedding Ring Expo! She was actually the last booth we visited after a long day of meeting people. At that point, we had nothing other than the wedding date set up. When we were chatting with Jess, I just knew immediately that we would get along. Her love of Disney, the beautiful photographs, and easy-going nature – we just clicked! I love the bright feel to all her photos, her ability to capture the light perfectly, and her black and white photo edits are out of this world!”- J

GUEST #: 30

COLOUR PALETTE: Green, white, and sparkles

BRIDE ATTIRE: Sixpence Bridal Studio ( Guelph, ON

GROOM ATTIRE: Collins Clothiers (♥) ( Kitchener, ON

BRIDESMAID ATTIRE: Atom Attire ( New York, USA

HAIR: Loft 199 Hair Studio ( Guelph, ON

MAKEUP: Creativity On Me ( Guelph, ON

FLORAL: A Petal or Two ( Guelph, ON

STATIONERY: Paperlust ( Toronto, ON

CAKE: Alantida ( Burlington, ON

PLANNER: Plan it Right Events ( KW, ON

CATERING: B Elegant Catering & Event Planning (♥) ( KW, ON

TELL US YOUR STORY: “It was a cool but sunny day on the Isle of Skye, Scotland in 2019 when we hiked out to Neist Point to see the views. Little did I know there was a ring in Kevin’s pocket and a photographer hiding amongst the rocks and the sheep! After such a beautiful start to our engagement, I couldn’t wait to start wedding planning. Kevin and I have been together for 8 years and we love and appreciate each other deeply. We were both excited for a wedding and sharing the day with friends and family. It quickly became apparent that 2020 brides were miles ahead of us with their planning and availability was limited. We decided there was no rush and to pick a 2021 date, so we could take a more leisurely approach to wedding planning. Little did we know how lucky we would be to avoid a 2020 wedding!! As the pandemic unfolded, we kept our fingers crossed and hoped for a brighter 2021. We planned weddings by zone, step, guest count, you name it. Every time the restrictions changed, we re-planned! While it has made us both quite nimble, both of us were getting a bit tired of adapting and changing. In the end, every change we had to make worked out for the better. I know it is cliché to say that everything happens for a reason, but it does. Our venue was having some challenges so we ended up switching locations a month beforehand. If we hadn’t switched, we would have been in the one public health region in the province that didn’t re-open. So while cliché, it is also true.” – J

ADVICE: “Remember the day is about you. We left our wedding with absolutely no regrets and I truly think it is because there were a couple of instances where we put ourselves first. While it is important to be accessible and realistic, if you try and make everyone happy, you will be the only one stressed and struggling on your wedding day – which you definitely do not want! Set your boundaries together and stick to them. Most of the things people are going to ask you for are just ‘bonuses’ for them and they aren’t actually that concerned. Focus on you and have a spectacular day!.” – J&K

Featured in the Fall/Winter 2021 issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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