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Tropical glam was the vibe that Amanda and Brandon were going for when they were dreaming up their wedding day. With bright colours, water views and tropical flowers they were able to achieve everything that wanted.

WEDDING DATE: August 27, 2022

GUEST #: 110

LOCATION: Edgewater Manor ( “We found Edgewater by accident! We were looking up another venue when Edgewater Manor popped up as a suggestion, conveniently much closer to us as well. Our first visit to Edgewater Manor was in the winter, the day after a snowstorm. We were awestruck by its beauty and learning about the history of the property only solidified our choice to select it as our venue. It was so gorgeous, we were speechless. Even in the winter, the gardens looked like a tropical destination. It was an absolute dream to work with the Edgewater Manor staff, Bastiaan was our event manager and his class and professionalism made our planning process a breeze. He helped us build our vision and was there on the day of to oversee everything. It really made a difference that the venue is also a restaurant because we got to visit it many times in our planning process and we look forward to celebrating many anniversaries and milestones in life at The Edgewater Manor.

PHOTOGRAPHY: DA Photography ( “We found DA Photography thru lots and lots of research! We interviewed about 12 or 14 before Bastiaan from the Edgewater Manor recommended DA photography. There was an instant connection with Dragi on our first call, we ended up chatting about photography and his business and our plans for close to two hours. We were blown away by Dragi’s knowledge of Edgewater Manor, he already knew the best spots around the venue depending on the weather that day. With the immediate comfort we felt with him on our first call, we knew we would feel free to be our true selves in front of his camera on our wedding day. Almost a year after we booked him we accidentally ran into him and his wife at a bridal show and it only made us more excited to work with him! On the day of the wedding, it was incredible to work with Dragi and his second photographer Erica, they truly enjoy what they do and genuinely care about the people they work with – capturing authentic emotions and expressions as they happen. Dragi knew how to bustle my dress better than my bridesmaids and even helped our DJ deal with a malfunction in his speakers to keep the party going! Overall DA Photography was just incredible to work with, we feel so lucky to have found them! Our first look captured our favourite moments of the day with the sheer excitement of us seeing each other all done up for the first time.” – A&B

GUEST #: 110 

COLOUR PALETTE/THEME: “Between the venue’s gardens, historic interior, and our minimal florals, we created a tropical glam wedding. The colour palette kept coming back to copper and emerald. We had copper pipe stands with emerald accent signage, emerald favour boxes, and the slightest hint of copper flake on our cake. Our groomsmen and bridesmaids wore nonmetallic colours that closely coordinated with our colour palette. The beauty of the venue really shone through.” – A

BRIDE’S ATTIRE: Sophie’s Gown Shoppe (

GROOM’S ATTIRE: Surmesur (


GROOMSMEN ATTIRE: Moores Clothing for Men(

CAKE: Sweet Celebrations Patisserie (

DECOR/FLORAL: Cherry Blossom Floral Studio (

TELL US YOUR STORY: “We met five years ago in a volleyball league in the middle of the season when another teammate dropped out and Brandon took his place. In our first game together we noticed each other’s engineering rings and it gave us an easy conversation starter. Our love for our dogs took us to a dog park on our first date a few months later. Yet only a few months after that we moved in together and then bought a place of our own just before Covid hit. Being stuck together in lockdown only brought us closer as a couple. We got engaged after a particularly dreadful week in January 2021 when we sat down by the fireplace after a hard day and a simple look into each other’s eyes made our hardships seem a world away. The engagement happened in our home and it was repeated later on a hot air balloon floating over Cappadocia, Turkey as per the original plan (before Covid delayed our travels).” – A&B

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “We brought our biggest challenge onto ourselves, with an original guest list of 270, we knowingly selected a venue with a max capacity of 110. With both of us having large and close families, this made for some difficult decisions. We had to be rather objective in our process and only invite those family members and friends who we were closest to. In the end, we were so grateful to those who travelled from all parts of the province, country, and the world to be there on our special day and show us their support and love.” – A&B

BEST MEMORY: “Our best memory of our day is listening to and saying our vows, being able to experience each other’s reactions to the vows we each wrote. That and… when Brandon picked me up when we walked back up the aisle which led to one of our most memorable photos.” – A&B

ADVICE FOR OTHER COUPLES: “The best advice I could give is to be true to yourselves! If you create a day that fits the style of the couple, your guests will experience your genuine happiness and thoroughly enjoy the day themselves” – B 

“Not really because each couple is so unique in their own way and the whole wedding planning process is a time where you really learn more about yourselves as a couple – it’s a wonderful discovery time. Maybe I do have some advice…the wedding is only one day and your marriage is for a lifetime, the most important thing is your partner during the planning and on this big day.” – A

Featured in the Spring/Summer 2023 edition of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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