Plan Your Fabulous Local Wedding

Bride & Groom: Rebecca & Michael Drier

 Photographer: Kelly Taylor – The Bridal Lounge Photography (

Wedding Date: July 6, 2019

Guest #: 84

Ceremony & Reception Location: Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort (

Colour Palette: Blush, Mint, Gold & Rose Gold with antique/wooden accents. “I wanted simple but pretty utilizing some of my family farm and tradition accents. I used mason jars with metal canning lids for my centrepieces that my aunts, grandmas and mother used to preserve every summer in as well as wooden slabs from a black walnut tree from our family farm. I used the colors to add in with the wooden accents and the help of my wedding planner.” – R

Tell us your story!: “Mike and I knew each other from high school in Listowel. We knew each other in passing but not as close friends. After I moved down to Kitchener to attend college, I had seen a photo of him on his Facebook. I reached out (basically hit on him) through the photo where we started talking and I sent him my number. We talked and eventually decided to hang out and did so a couple times. We weren’t really sure where things were headed at that point but we seemed to want to spend all of our weekends together. He eventually asked me to his sister’s wedding where I met EVERYONE in his family in one fell swoop. This was basically where we decided that we were exclusively dating; after 2 years we eventually got an apartment together, and then bought a house.

A couple of years after we purchased our home he told me we were going to go fishing but I should maybe do my nails. I told him I was cleaning (as he was at work on afternoons so we were texting) and maybe if I had time I would take some time for myself. We headed out the Sunday of the July long weekend to Conestogo Lake. He wanted to show me a spot he went with family. We were only able to see the lake from a hill just off the main road but I could watch the boats for a bit. I turned around to see him with a ring and asking me to marry him. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the time “fishing” by texting my friends and calling family.”

“We knew we wanted Chicopee to be our venue. I had planned a few things even before he proposed but still looked at other venues just to be sure. We went to see Chicopee and met with Liz for the first time. Even though it was pouring rain that day we saw the ceremony area and the reception area was set up for a summer camp, I loved the feel and the outdoor area of the ceremony with the tall trees and overlook of the pond. We booked for 2 years out since we were planning a bit to save and plan. We ended up having a baby in those 2 years so we included our son in our wedding as well.

Our day came and of course, it couldn’t have been a hotter summer day in Canada but at least the rain seemed to be holding off. Liz called me for the final go-ahead for the ceremony area and I said you know what, let’s do it. I was ready to walk down that aisle whether there was rain or not. It was so hot that we were all melting but not a single guest said anything about it but instead how great the food was, and the music kept people dancing and the drinks were flowing.

Our late-night poutine bar was a hit as well. Mike and I agreed the food needed to be good as well as the drinks endless. We found the perfect DJ and Officiant to make the ceremony and reception fun and upbeat the entire time. As well as hiring the photographer who has been there for all our milestones in our relationship and family, Kelly. We spent the last couple hours at the end of the night out on the deck of the resort talking with close friends who were still there and cooling down in the night breeze. It was the best day of our lives.”

Stationery: Team Gee Wedding & Designs

Cake: Haus of Desserts (

Decor/Floral: Batora Flora (

Bride’s dress and accessories: Taylor’s Bridal Boutique (

Groom + Groomsmen attire: Moores Clothing for Men (

DJ: TKO Music DJ Service – Mario Cordeiro (

Hair: Thatch & Fringe (

Make-Up: Boho Beauty Co. (

Officiant: Maeck Weddings (

How did you find your photographer?: “Kelly was the photographer of my best friend’s wedding 6 years ago. I had reached out to her to do some other photos and since then she has become our family photographer from our engagement and wedding to my son’s maternity and birth photos as well as his first birthday photos.” – R

Biggest Challenge: “Staying within the budget or having a realistic expectation of what was achievable for what we were wanting to do. We also wanted to realize that we had different families for food preference along with allergies/sensitivities that a plated meal was not likely ideal. Also agreeing on how things looked or should look and what was necessary or not for our budget.” – R

Best Memory: “Walking down the aisle with my dad to Mike and seeing everyone at the end. The ceremony had people both laughing and crying while telling the story of us.” – R

Any advice for couples planning their wedding?: “Give yourself time, don’t rush because you have the idea of the perfect date or season. Also, don’t go into debt for the wedding because you won’t be able to enjoy your newly married bliss with debt looming. Save and be realistic. ” – R&M