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Micro, Zoom, Intimate, Elopements, all the wedding terms we have been hearing about and navigating during the current new normal. Blair Nadeau shares her experience and tips to maximize your accessories.

“I’ve recently had many brides-to-be inquire about what these smaller-scale weddings mean for their bridal attire and if they should accessorize to suit the more intimate occasion. We have seen a lot of trends come forward out of the current climate and accessories are still key. Even though you might not be having the big wedding (this year), you can still showcase your personal style through your adornments.

Let’s start with veils, the staple of bridal accessories. We have been seeing a big trend towards the birdcage veil (yippee!). Elopements and city hall weddings are perfect for this sweet little number. Birdcages are petite, simple, modern, and pair beautifully with a jumpsuit, chic white suit, or tea-length dress.

As weddings are becoming more intimate, we are also seeing a big rise in Juliet veils. As more intimate weddings tend to feel more romantic, there is something really special about pairing a Juliet veil with an intimate wedding. These beautiful veils bring a sense of yesteryear romance and tradition, paired with an heirloom or lace gown.

For the last two years there has been a big focus on extra-long cathedral veils as well as pearl and crystal-embellished veils. However, given the nature of the smaller more intimate weddings, brides are turning to simple understated veils for their smaller weddings and saving the big dramatic veils for their later date receptions.

We’ve been seeing two main trends with jewelry over the past nine months. There are two distinct looks; minimalism and maximalism, opposite ends of the spectrum. For the minimalism trend, brides are opting for more delicate pieces, pearl earrings and bracelets, delicate necklaces, and intimate pieces that work well on a smaller scale. Pair these tiny details with lace dresses and boho-style gowns.

For the maximalist trend, statement earrings are still all the rage. If you are having a zoom wedding, you will want to make a statement with your adornments so your aunt and uncle watching from their living room can see all the details, and why not have some fun with your accessories! Statement earrings are ranging in design from shoulder-grazing clay florals to oversized hoops, chunky pearls, and geometric designs. We love pairing a statement earring with a modern sheath dress or a simple silk gown.

Can you still wear a crown to a small wedding? Sure, why not!? As a purveyor of crowns, I say you can ALWAYS wear a crown, a crown just adds that extra little something. However, headbands are quickly becoming the new crown for 2021. Designers are showcasing beautiful pearl headbands as well silk and velvet padded hairbands, embellished with rhinestones, pearls, and flowers. These new silhouettes are chic and modern. In addition to headbands, we are seeing oversized scrunchies and bows paired with a low ponytail.

Another beautiful trend is Heirloom accessories. These will never go out of style and now more than ever, we are seeing brides wearing cherished pieces from years past to their weddings. The pandemic has made us realize how important family is and we are seeing a big resurrection on family ties. Brides are opting to pair heirloom jewelry & veils with a few modern accessories to show their own personal bridal style. Pearls are also a timeless and romantic trend that have continued to rise in popularity over the last year and we see that continuing into 2021.

Although your wedding might look a bit different than you originally imagined, know that a small intimate wedding can be just as beautiful and special and no matter how you choose to accessorize, your personal style will always shine through.” – B

Featured in the January 2021: Covid Edition issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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