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Around 300,000 people get married in Canada every year, and wedding rings are traditionally exchanged as a symbol of commitment. A men’s wedding ring has to be the right balance between durable, practical and hard-wearing, stylish, and personal. It is important to remember that this is a ring that is worn every single day, whether it is at the office or out playing sports. Often a plain wedding band is the best solution, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be interesting. There is a big trend in men’s wedding rings to go for alternative metals to gold or even materials like carbon fibre or silicone. 

Wood men’s wedding ring

The tree is extremely symbolic – it represents growth, strength, and life. When you choose a wooden wedding ring, you can pick a wood that has meaning to you. You will have a good range of colours and grains to choose from. So it means that a wood wedding ring will always be unique. If you want a darker colour, then ebony or walnut is a good option. Rosewood and olive wood are beautiful lighter woods that look good offset against modern materials like carbon or titanium. 

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Alternative metal rings

Alternative metals, aside from gold, silver, and platinum have become increasingly popular, as they are hard-wearing. Durable wedding rings for a man-made of titanium or tungsten are a good choice, as they are reasonably inexpensive and they don’t tarnish, so will always look good. These metals are also scratch-resistant, which is practical for someone with an active lifestyle. You can go for either a polished look or brushed metal, giving it a beautiful matt finish. Cobalt has also become increasingly popular, as it is hardwearing and can be finished to look like palladium or white gold. It is extremely scratch and chip resistant, and will not corrode. 

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Modern materials

There is a big trend to go for modern materials in men’s wedding rings such as silicone, which comes in a rainbow of colours for personalization. Silicone is safe, durable, and hypoallergenic. Carbon fiber is extremely popular for wedding rings too, particularly when combined with other materials such as steel, bronze, and palladium. It is important if you are choosing carbon fiber, however, that you get the sizing perfect: a carbon fiber ring cannot be resized. 

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When choosing a men’s wedding ring, you don’t have to go for a traditional gold band. There are some great alternative options that you can customize, allowing you to create a wedding ring that is personal and unique. 

Choosing the Right Men’s Wedding Ring is a guest post by Jennifer Grappa. Photo by Denny Muller at Unsplash

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