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“Up until now, I’ve done the floral designing myself. And while I LOVE designing weddings, I notice a huge gap between what a couple comes to ask me for, and what their budget is. For example, they want a floral arch, ceremony urns, and other pricey items. I say we’re going to have a “property brothers” moment where I tell them what they want costs 3X their budget. They have to scale down their vision and make compromises. I’ve come up with a solution where engaged couples can fulfill their vision. They just need to grab a couple of friends to help make it come to life with our DIY Wedding Packages.”

“MOST (like 9/10) of my Bridal Consults start with my bride saying “I don’t know anything about flowers”. We usually have a laugh and I explain, “That’s okay you don’t need to. I have the knowledge you just show me the vibe you’re going for in Pinterest”. My concept with DIY Wedding Packages is the same; I’ll take care of which flowers go with that vibe, and how many you need, and show you what to do with them.

If the year 2020 taught us anything it’s to savour time with loved ones, take nothing for granted, and make life as BEAUTIFUL AND FUN as you can. This is what Lily on the Thames is all about.

I am so excited to shift my floral design business into this new venture of selling DIY packages to couples, and showing them how to create their own stunning wedding flowers. I’m thrilled to finally share with you!”

“My goal has always been to get flowers to engaged couples at a reasonable price point. These DIY packages not only get my couples’ florist-grade blooms at a stellar price point, but they’ll make so many memories creating their arrangements that will last a lifetime!”

How it works


Choose your colour palette, and then your DIY package size:

  • Small Wedding Package (1 Large Bridal Bouquet, 7 Bridesmaid Bouquets, 8-10 Boutonnieres, 2-4 Corsages)
  • Medium Wedding Package (Add 10 Centerpieces)
  • Large Wedding Package (Add 2 Ceremony Arrangements – enough for two urns OR arbor décor)


Add any EXTRAS you may need:

  • Centerpieces or Bouquets
  • Ceremony Décor
  • Extra Flowers
  • Garlands
  • Tools/Supplies

Then checkout!


We will ship your DIY Wedding Flower Package to arrive 2-3 days before your wedding. 

We will email you our easy-to-follow video tutorials and flower recipes so you and your friends can enjoy making your arrangements!

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT LILY ON THE THAMES | To speak with Lily on the Thames about your wedding options, you can reach them using the form below.

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