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With so many romantic places all over the world, how do you choose which one is right for you? You are ready to take the biggest step of your life by saying “I do” and you want to mark the occasion with a trip that celebrates love and life and your new journey together. Below are Blue Isle Travel’s recommendations on the top 5 honeymoon destinations.


Known for its trendy desert landscape, rock formations, beautiful beaches, award-winning restaurants, and luxurious hotels. This is a great choice for couples looking for a honeymoon that ticks all the boxes yet remains affordable. 2022 Travvy Award Winner (Best Culinary Destination – Mexico & Best Destination- Mexico, Gold, Best Wedding Destination – Mexico, Silver, Best Honeymoon Destination- Mexico, Silver)


Mountainous landscapes surrounded by water, St. Lucia offers the most romantic choices for the couple needing that intimate, relaxing honeymoon. 2022 Travvy Award Winner (Best Honeymoon Destination – Caribbean, Gold)

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For the couple needing a different vibe on their honeymoon, Greece offers romance paired with culture. White buildings and coastal cliffs boast spectacular views to remember for years. 2022 Travvy Award (Best Destination – Europe & Mediterranean, Gold)

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4. ITALY: 

Similar to Greece, Italy for the tried and true honeymoon. Food, Wine, and History. Italy offers city-like or coastal-like environments, maybe even a mixture of both depending on your wants. Plenty to explore in Italy. 2022 Travvy Award (Best Destination – Mediterranean, Silver)

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Lastly, for the adventurer, the couple who wants a longer honeymoon. Thailand boasts beautiful beaches and rainforests full of wildlife. Sightseeing in the major cities, sampling Thai food, or exploring picturesque beaches. 2022 Travvy Award (Best Destination – Asia, Gold) 

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