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Are you finding that your dream wedding does not align with your dream budget? Are you searching for ways to make the budget fit the dream? If the rising costs of everything makes budget your primary wedding planning challenge, changing the size and scale of your wedding is the only way to have the dream wedding without compromising your future. Intimate weddings are becoming more and more popular and are a great way to get the wedding you are dreaming of while staying in budget.

“When you’re planning your intimate wedding the focus is on quality not quantity.” Paul and Jenny from Indulge Event Space offer a unique approach to intimate weddings. “Our goal is for you to enjoy your wedding, while still being able to afford and plan the rest of your lives together.”

intimate weddings. Indulge Catering

Small intimate weddings can be just as meaningful and romantic as bigger events. Plus there are some added benefits to a more intimate event. Here are 3 reasons to opt in to an intimate wedding.


We know. It’s not the sexiest word in wedding planning but for many couples budget is the reality that shapes the wedding. With an intimate wedding, you can have everything you’ve ever wanted in a wedding, just with fewer guests. With a smaller guest list, you have the opportunity to treat friends and family to an amazing wedding experience. You are still able to plan for other important married life purchases like your first home. 

Intimate Weddings. 

It’s right there in the name – an intimate wedding is well, intimate. You can surround yourself with only the people that are closest to your heart. Creating amazing memories of your special day while enjoying your dream wedding. You won’t have to worry about the guest list getting out of control or your mother-in-law inviting all of her friends. Choosing a smaller venue allows for a natural cap on the number of guests possible. So only the most important people in your life will be there. 

Intimate weddings, Indulge Catering


We’ll say it again for the people in the back. You do not have to compromise on quality when you choose an intimate wedding.  “Indulge offers a variety of menu and package options to ensure that your intimate wedding offers an amazing culinary experience with a leading-edge menu. You can still enjoy delicious wines or even a signature cocktail.” Personalized guest favours, floral arrangements, live music or even a sweet treat can make your celebration one to remember!

With as few as 20 guests, or as many as 60 guests an intimate wedding can be as upscale, fun, and indulgent as you dream. Limiting the guest list, does not limit the dream. In fact, a smaller guest list will make your wedding day even more special. 

Intimate Weddings, Indulge Catering

About Indulge Event Space: Experience the allure of Indulges’ elegant and intimate event venue. We provide an exclusive space that not only sets the mood for a perfect evening but also eases your wallet. Allowing you to invest in your shared future. Surround yourself with the people closest to your heart, creating amazing memories while enjoying uncompromised food and service. 

Intimate Weddings, Indulge Catering

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