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The only thing sweeter than a wedding is the wedding cake. From number of layers to different fillings, from types of icing to favourite flavours, you have a lot to consider when planning your wedding cake. You may not know what you want in a wedding cake but you do know that you want one. Before you dig into the tasty details, Decadently Yours suggests that you have these 3 things confirmed: your wedding date, your venue, and your estimated number of guests.

“The wedding date is currently the most important item to confirm. With wedding vendors booking up quickly through 2023 you’ll want to ensure the bakery has that date available and has the capacity to accept your order — wedding seasons always get hectic, FAST! Knowing your venue is important too if the bakery will be delivering the wedding cake. We will need to build a schedule around you and whomever else we’re making deliveries for on that day. The number of guests will determine the size of the cake you will need and gives the bakery a starting point. However, don’t get too hung up on that number as it may fluctuate — most bakeries are fine with you calling to add or subtract a reasonable number of guests two weeks out.”

Once these three items are determined, Decadently Yours can work with you to help determine not just your budget but also what styles, flavours, and flourishes would best suit your wedding cake.

ABOUT DECADENTLY YOURS: Decadently Yours prides themselves on creating delicious handcrafted baked goods that will be the centrepiece at any event. They bake from scratch each and every day using locally sourced ingredients the best they can. Preservatives and store-bought mixes have no place in their bakery! Decadently Yours offers 120 different flavours in both cakes and cupcakes. Their custom-baked cupcakes, cakes, and baked goods are great for birthdays, showers, weddings, special events, sporting events, corporate functions and more!

Featured in the Fall/Winter 2022 edition of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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