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Rebel Creek Golf Club has become a popular spot for off-season weddings for many reasons. From budget-friendly prices to the additional privacy afforded by the golf course being closed. There are many benefits to tying the knot at Rebel Creek during the off-season months. Here are some perks of booking off-season:

• When booking an off-season wedding at Rebel Creek, couples can take advantage of 50% off hall rental and ceremony fees. Off-season weddings are defined as any weddings between November and April.

Extra Privacy with off-season weddings

• Not only is Rebel Creek’s off-season pricing attractive but couples are also granted extra flexibility and convenience. Early set-up times can be arranged without additional charge. This makes it easier for couples to take care of the small details. Plus, they have the entire facility to themselves during the off-season. Couples will be afforded extra privacy that they may not be able to get during the busy summer months.

• Even though pictures on the golf course are not permitted during off- season due to the weather, couples can still take advantage of the beautiful scenery at Rebel Creek. The large back patio, the front drive, and the entrance areas are all great choices for those stunning winter wedding photos.

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More availability

• With the golf course closed, couples also have more dates available for their wedding during the off-season than any other time of the year.

Danielle & Adam tell us “We chose Rebel Creek because it has the most amazing Muskoka Lounge. The Muskoka Lounge looks over the golf course and in the winter its a solid field of beautiful snow. Everyone was incredible to work with. Danielle and Frank made sure everything we needed was done and let us come in early to decorate!” – D

For brides and grooms looking for a stunning venue to make their dream wedding come alive, Rebel Creek Golf Club is a great option during the off-season months. From budget-friendly prices to the privacy and convenience afforded by the golf course closure. Couples can find everything they’re looking for at Rebel Creek during the off-season. 

ABOUT REBEL CREEK GOLF CLUB: Offering elegance and ambiance during all seasons: a summer wedding overlooking the greens, an autumn wedding amidst the falling leaves, or a classic winter wonderland. Our patio overlooks the 18th hole and other parts of the golf course. Providing a gorgeous backdrop for any part of your wedding.

As seen in the Fall/Winter 2023 issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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