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Choosing an MC for your wedding is a more complicated decision than it can seem on the surface. Many people just choose their favourite uncle or friend. But when you consider the actual importance of your MC, you may want to reconsider your options.

Rob from Music Central tells us, “The MC is the captain of your wedding ship. They make sure that you stay on track and steer the event along. They have 2 basic duties at your reception. First, they coordinate with vendors so that everyone is on the same page. Then they communicate the day to your guests. But the truly great Master of Ceremonies doesn’t just coordinate and communicate. They help to tell the story of your wedding day; help to create moments you and your guests will never forget.”

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One of the basic jobs of your MC is to make sure that everyone is in place and ready for the next step. “It’s all about flow, knowing what is coming next, and making sure that everyone is in place and on the same page. One of the most common mistakes that inexperienced MCs make is to introduce the wedding party before making sure the kitchen is ready to start dinner service. There is nothing more frustrating for both your guests and for your chef than to have the wedding party introductions done before dinner is ready to be served.” An experienced MC will always make sure that everyone is in place for a seamless flow for your wedding.


As the keeper of the microphone, another basic responsibility of your MC is to communicate with your guests. They will introduce your wedding party and announce dinner. They even introduce the people who have speeches or toasts to make at your wedding. But a great Master of Ceremonies takes basic communication and adds an element of entertainment.

“When we are introducing the wedding party, we like to actually introduce the wedding party. It is not just about saying names and relationships to the bride/groom. It is about actually making people feel like they know them. “Our best man for the evening is Frank. Frank and Steve (groom) have been friends since childhood. Frank is the person responsible for us being here tonight as he introduced the happy couple back in high school. On a personal note, Frank is single and enjoys long walks on the beach.”

We are trained entertainers who have a passion for our role as Master of Ceremonies at your wedding. We take the time to make sure we have all the information to bring the extra touches to your wedding.”

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The truly great Masters of Ceremonies are storytellers. For Music Central, it is not enough to coordinate and communicate. They love helping to create moments and memories at your wedding by making sure to tell the stories of your day. “Brides and grooms often come to us with special moments they’d like to incorporate like playing the first dance song from mom and dad’s wedding. It is not enough that the newlyweds and the parents know the significance. We tell the story so that all of your guests get to experience the moment with you.” Without the passion and care for what they do, this would have just been a song they played at this bride’s wedding. Instead, the MC from Music Central used setup and emotion to create a memory that the couple, her parents, and all the guests at the wedding will never forget.

A great Master of Ceremonies doesn’t just make announcements and introductions. A Master of Ceremonies orchestrates the entire evening making sure that when the bride and groom take the dance floor for their first dance, the venue lights dim, the music starts, and the guests are there to watch the bride and groom enjoy their first dance together. A great Master of Ceremonies understands how to orchestrate your wedding with magic and emotion. Choosing an MC who is charismatic will make the night flow seamlessly.

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