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Say “I do” to amazing wedding flowers that won’t break the bank! We all know blossoms are a must-have for any wedding, but they can leave your wallet feeling the heat. With a whopping $3000 average cost for centrepieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages, you might think floral dreams are out of reach. But wait! Lily on the Thames is here to share a secret: DIY wedding flowers arrangements are the way to go! They’re not only budget-friendly but also easy peasy to create, even for the most novice florist! Here are five tips to successfully DIY your wedding flowers.


If you’re looking for fresh flowers, there’s no better way to save money than by creating your own arrangements with bulk flowers. There are a few options on how you want to do that. You will save up to half the cost of your wedding flowers by using a DIY wedding flowers option, and with our packages you also save tons of time. All your tools, recipes, and simple video tutorials are provided so you can grab a glass of wine, and a few friends, and start creating your own wedding bouquet.


When making flower arrangements, it’s not necessary to have crafty friends. As long as one follows video tutorials for flower prep and care, it’s easy to succeed and make beautiful DIY wedding flowers. The ideal companion is someone who makes the experience fun, whether it’s a friend who dances and sings along to tunes or someone who provides a calming atmosphere. Couples don’t have to be present during the process, and it can be an opportunity to include someone special in the wedding planning. Many mothers and mothers-in-law have made flowers for their children’s weddings and found it to be a special experience.

DIY wedding flowers, Lily on the Thames


Get a game plan – pick a spot that’s NOT carpeted, like a garage! It’s the perfect place to make a creative mess and sweep it up later. Flowers can be stored in a cool spot out of direct sunlight until the big day. Let’s make sure our precious posies don’t suffer in the blazing sun! Only your boutonnieres and corsages need to be refrigerated overnight.


To help your wedding squad make your dream day a reality, don’t hold back on sharing your vision! Whip out those Pinterest boards, print out those inso pics, and maybe even have a mock-up arrangement to show off. The more you share, the closer you’ll get to picture-perfect!


It’s easy to let little things stress you out, especially when you’ve put to much time and effort into planning the perfect day. So, the one flower on table seven’s centrepieces isn’t exactly what you pictured? No biggie! Trust me, your guests will be too busy having a blast to notice any tiny details. Everyone came to see YOU enjoy your day, so if you enjoy yourself everyone else will too!

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DIY wedding flowers, Lily on the Thames

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