All you need is love... and

Nearlyweds: Shelby Defoe & Brian Aspinall

Together for: 5 years

Photographer: Focus & Filter Photography (

The proposal: “The day of our engagement I came home from my work (a daycare) with a huge migraine. I was greeted by my now fiancé and I insisted that I needed to go to sleep it off. He offered to get me advil, water, and run a bath to help so I happily agreed however after my bath I fell asleep on the couch. After numerous tries to wake me up, insisting that we take the dog for a walk, and hearing his phone constantly ringing I began to get irritated and suspicious… Why couldn’t he just take our dog for a walk himself? Does he not understand what a migraine is?

The final time he woke me up I said “this better be an elaborate way to propose if I’m going out there with wet hair, my pjs, and a migraine”. He simply smiled. We went on our walk and after a few minutes we turned a corner and I saw a bunch of candles surrounding a bench covered with roses under a beautiful tree. He proposed with a cherry flavoured ring pop and, of course, I said yes.

We went the next day and picked out my ring together. To this day I regret ruining the surprise with my suspiciousness but it wouldn’t be our engagement story if I hadn’t…. It’s us, perfectly imperfect.” – S

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