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Nearlyweds:  Rebecca Long & Connor Hayes

Engagement Photos: Digital Daydreams Photography

Together for: 6.5 years

Tell us your story!: “Connor and I went to high school together, but failed to see just how perfect we would fit! I reached out to him on Facebook after I had graduated and he ended up asking me on our first date. From then on everything was just so perfect; from our little dinner dates to hanging out watching movies together. On our first date, he drove me up to this beautiful hill after a super romantic dinner. He said he wanted to watch the sunset together but by the time we got up there, it had already set and was just dark and cold. Instead, he pulled up a sunset video on his phone, positioned it above the horizon, and suddenly I forgot about how cold I was. I just prayed he would kiss me – then he did! As cheesy and mushy as it sounds, it was a total rom-com dream with butterflies, time standing still, and not a single worry in the world. I knew I wanted to spend my life with him.”

“Fast forward 6 years, graduating college together, moving in together, starting our careers, and then changing them, here we are. Back in October, we had a super busy month with a lot of life changes and stressors, we decided we needed a weekend away together. We booked 2 nights out in Niagara-on-the-Lake at South Landing Inn, realizing when we got there it was the same hotel we had stayed at our first getaway together – seeing our first Mumford and Sons concert!

Little did I know just how important this place was going to mean to me that weekend. We reminisced, went out to our favorite restaurant, The Garrison House, and on our drive back to the hotel, Connor wasn’t speaking to me at aalllll. He just insisted he wanted to check out a lookout to the water we had seen. I started to get the feeling he was thinking of proposing, but I mean, every time we go anywhere together I got that feeling so I just brushed it off thinking he was just tired. We drove a lot that day and it was getting late.”

“I convinced him we would find the lookout in the morning, as it was completely dark out after dinner and we wouldn’t be able to see anything on the lookout even if we found it! When we got back to the hotel we were headed inside when I heard him say something behind me. When I turned around he was on one knee saying the words I’d dreamed of from that first night watching the best sunset on the hill. I immediately started crying. Through the excitement and surprise I still just cannot believe I get to spend my life with him!” – R

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