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Love and Carrot Cake is a guest post from Sherri at Make a Wish Cakes. Photos above: Diane Brandon Photography

“I’d recently received this email for one of our Wedding Couples.”

“At least once a week that we wish we could get married again, one of the big reasons is to have your macaroons again! And we are reminded of you and our big day each time we open the freezer (where the cutting cake awaits their 1st Anniversary)”, says Danielle.

“Danielle and Puck are one of the most memorable couples I’ve ever met. You could feel the energy in the room, you could feel the love. And I fell in love with them too. They were about to celebrate that love together in a way that was not traditional, but oh so… very traditional!”

“It began with the way they met “by chance in Iceland in January 2017 and only had a couple of evenings sightseeing.” They fell in love over carrot cake. As Danielle says, “Carrot cake is special because it was truly the first “meal’ we ever shared. Puck loves carrot cake so after scouring Reykjavik for something to eat, [carrot cake] is what we found.” Just over a year later, Danielle proposed at the top of the Empire State building! How Romantic!”

“Their wedding was on the shores of Lake Huron at the beautiful Hessenland Inn. A wedding that was steeped in tradition from the Netherlands where a champagne and cocktail hour immediately follows the ceremony. And… where their wedding cake is actually served! My thought was to provide their guests with a sampling platter of gourmet minis (cupcakes) and macaroons along with the carrot cake “cutting cake”. So the guests could have a toast in one hand and a nibble in the other. Danielle & Puck’s eyes lit up and our cake journey together began.”

“As a finishing touch, they’d chosen to have their “cutting” cake set atop a live edge slice. Our inhouse engraver was able to engrave a verse from their favourite poem on their live edge slice. It is now a cherished piece in their home that they describe as “such a wonderful and practical keepsake.”

“At least once a week we wish we could get married again. One of the big reasons is to have your macaroons again. And we are reminded of you and the big day each time we open the freezer (where the cutting cake awaits their 1st Anniversary).” Danielle and Puck

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