Fun and nostalgia at THEMUSEUM | Ian & Shauna

Ian and Shauna wanted their big day to be full of family and fun! THEMUSEUM with their interactive displays and different levels, proved to be so much fun and very memorable for their guests!…

Bride & Groom: Ian and Shauna McMillan

Wedding Date: January 5, 2019

Ceremony & Reception Location(s): Ceremony: St James’ Rosemount Church. Reception: THEMUSEUM ( “We have big families with loads of kids, especially on Ian’s side! We loved the idea of having a “family barbeque” feel to our wedding while still keeping it somewhat classy. The vibe of a cocktail style reception at THEMUSEUM was perfect for this. Plus, they kept the kids exhibits which was perfect for the young (and young at heart!) guests. It was a huge hit –little cousins, friends our age, and even Ian’s 90-year-old grandfather all told us it was a super cool spot and the party kept going until closing time, just as we’d hoped. Plus, it didn’t hurt that our favourite dates and trips have been at museums!” – S&I

Theme: “I love the holidays, and with a January 5th wedding date I could still work in some of that magic – particularly the New Years type motifs (gold, black and white, geometric shapes). I made some signs for the food stations as well as some images to project on the screens at THEMUSEUM using a cool font and some gold bubbles, which looked super cool when put all together. Our centrepieces had floating candles and roses in glass cylinders, which classed the place up a notch. After that, the industrial and funky design of our venue really took care of the rest! Honestly, it didn’t need much décor to look great.” – S&I

Flowers: “I didn’t have flowers – seemed unnecessary for a winter wedding. Just bought some roses and small white flowers for the centrepieces on smaller tables and added some garland to the larger tables. I didn’t hold flowers because I walked down the aisle with both parents and wanted to hold their hands.” – S

Décor:Danielle G Events ( was awesome for this. She was super respectful of my minimalist approach but still recommended some touches that made a HUGE difference the day of, including our little signs, the garlands, and the centrepieces.” – S

Fav décor element: “THEMUSEUM has a ton of screens you can play with and project whatever you want across the venue. When we first walked in, multiple screens in the entryway projected these super on-theme gold and black signs that said “Shauna and Ian just said “I Do”…Now, let’s party!” It set the mood immediately!” – S&I

DIY: “Yes! There were a few DIY projects, but the two that stand out were our guestbook and our favours. For our favours, we collected used books from charity book sales throughout the year. My girlfriends helped wrap them and write clues as to what each book was on the brown wrapping paper. We had a sign that said, “Thank you for being part of our story!” It was a lot of work but super fitting for both us and the venue – plus, we found a way to give away something tangible while also donating to charity for our favours. The other big DIY was our guest book. I made a custom guestbook which was actually a calendar. Each page had 7 days listed, and people could write their names on their birthday and/or anniversary. We not only had a guestbook at the end, but also all our loved ones’ special days! Such a great memento and well worth the work.” – S

Invitations/stationery: Minted ( “Our writing is hardly legible and they do these gorgeous envelopes with all the addresses nicely printed. Plus the designs were so pretty!” – S

Cake: “We didn’t have a cake, but Little Mushroom Catering totally delivered with the dessert table. They also did a hot chocolate table for us with tons of toppings (Bailey’s behind the bar too, of course!) which was awesome.” – S

Groomsmen and Groom’s attire: Moore’s ( “The most awesome thing we did with our groomsmen was get these flasks ( with their caricatures on them. Honestly, I want one myself, they turned out so great!” – S

Bridesmaids attire and accessories: “This is an interesting one! Ian and I have 4 brothers between us, so we decided to have a wedding party of just immediate family (2 bothers on each side). Such a special experience. My girlfriends helped with a ton of stuff – baking cookies for the hot chocolate bar, wrapping the book favours, throwing a mean bachelorette, you name it. My 7-month pregnant best friend was even our MC! But we decided to let my friends be pretty much off-duty the day of. I had a great getting ready squad – my mom, mother in law, aunt and 11 and 13-year-old cousins all joined me for a spa morning. It was great to have all the women I love involved in some way or another in the wedding, and to have my official “wedding party” be full of brothers who could run last minute errands the day off. We were so lucky to be able to have this option!” – S

Bride’s dress and accessories: “My dress was from Gina’s Closet ( which sells pre-loved bridal wear with proceeds going to cancer charities. My mom did not have her mother at her wedding, she passed from cancer prior, so being able to find a dress at Gina’s was so special to us. Plus, my dress had red, which is my favourite colour.” – S

DJ: Dan Cronkhite from Spin Doctors Productions (

Hair & make-up: K’ur Salon & Spa ( “They were INCREDIBLE. Can’t recommend enough.” – S

Catering: Little Mushroom Catering (

Photography: Samantha Polzin Photography ( “My photographer Sam did a shoot with my family about 5 years ago, right before I met Ian. It was such a joy-filled experience. She captured so many candid moments of us sharing a laugh, her shutter always seemed to click shut right at the perfect time. I knew when we got engaged I wanted her for SURE to do the day, and she totally delivered. My favourite part of our photos is how much emotion is in them – Sam really followed us throughout the day, so there is real laughter, real tears, real dancing – all of it is there. We did a choreographed first dance to a fast-paced song and she captured the best moments of it.” – S

Biggest challenge: “Ian got a cold the week before our wedding. I was planning a wedding, trying to run a business, prep for a 12-week honeymoon – all incredible privileges, but it was intense with my partner missing in action! Other key people got sick right before or the day of. My brothers, mom, and girlfriends were godsends to manage it. The only thing I figured to do was make a LOT of lists and see where you can outsource things – this made things a bit more manageable!” – S

Fav wedding memory: “THEMUSEUM is an open concept space with multiple stories, because of this you can climb up a couple flights of stairs and easily see everything happening on the floors below. Ian and I snuck up to the top while everyone was having fun and had a chance to just look down on everyone – friends, family – who were there to celebrate our marriage. We felt so supported and loved and grateful in that moment. Eventually, everyone noticed we were up there and started pointing and cheering. Ian dipped and kissed me and we went back down. It was an amazing moment and we both think about it often.” – S&I

Advice from one couple to another: “The best piece of advice we got was this: Pick 1-2 things that are huge priorities for you and be willing to compromise on everything else. Budgets, families, logistics…so many things can mess with your “perfect plan” if you have your heart set on every single little thing. Figuring out on the front end what is most important to you is really helpful and keeps you centered. For us, it was having a kid-friendly wedding and not having to cut down on guest list – so we worked everything else around that!” – S

Photo: Samantha Polzin Photography | Venue: THEMUSEUM
Photo: Samantha Polzin Photography | Venue: THEMUSEUM

MORE ABOUT THEMUSEUM | THEMUSEUM, a beautiful venue with distinctive architecture and eclectic, contemporary elegance, is the new kid on the wedding scene. more details in their review in The Ring, here . To find out more, email THEMUSEUM directly using the form below. 🙂


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