Carol-Lynn & Michael {engagement story}

Nearlyweds: Carol-Lynn Chandler & Michael DePaepe

Together for: 8 years

Tell us your story!: “We first met at army cadets in 2010. I remember taking a double look into the classroom since there was a cute guy sitting alone. Then at a training weekend in early 2012, my brother had talked to him and told him I thought he was cute (of course, it was just a crush that I had the one time) and he told my brother he thought I was cute. I waited all day for him to say something but he didn’t. So shy me wrote on a piece of paper “Do you want to go out?” He said sure.

Fast forward to winter 2019, I kept hinting I wanted a ring. We had been together for 8 years and I wasn’t getting any younger. He knew I wanted to finish having a family by the time I’m 30.

We normally do gifts on Christmas Eve with his family so when we got home we did our own gift exchange. Still no ring so I was kinda mad. Christmas morning while trying to get him out the door to go to his grandparent’s house for breakfast he stood in front of me kissed me then I looked down and he said will you marry me. Definitely the best Christmas gift ever!” – C

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