Save the NEW Date {COVID-19}

With Canada and the world social distancing to help slow the spread of COVID-19, local brides and grooms are being forced to postpone their weddings. We talked to Heather at Red Bicycle Paper Co. to find out the best way to invite your guests to Save the NEW date!

“From a stationery standpoint, if you need to postpone your 2020 wedding, there are two things you can do to inform your guests of your new wedding date.”

Save the NEW Date

“First, if your new wedding date is postponed to a year from now you should send a postponement or change of date notice. This gives your guests a quick update to notify them of the date change, and acts like a save the date essentially. You can do this electronically with a mass email, or on Facebook, or you can mail a formal postponement notice to your guests.

You would then mail out the revised wedding invitation 4 to 6 months before your new date.”

Save the NEW Date red bicycle paper co postponing your wedding

You’re Re-Invited

“If your wedding is postponed to this fall or winter it makes more sense to just send a revised invitation now – you should note that your wedding was postponed, and include a traditional reply card or have your guests reply on a wedding website to save some costs.”

“In either case, a new invitation is required because you’ll still need your guests to RSVP by a particular date – usually 5 weeks before your wedding. Some of you have spent a lot of money on your invitations and unfortunately, the costs will be incurred again. However, if you worked with a stationery designer, have a conversation with them. Most will be willing to reduce the price for you to ensure you still have a beautiful wedding invitation.”

Everyone is Invited

“For the purpose of avoiding conflict and more stress for you and your future spouse, I would also re-invite all of your guests, even if some responded ‘no’. Perhaps this new date is available in their calendars. But, it’s proper etiquette to invite everyone again.”

“So to summarize, if your new date is 4 to 8 months away, send a new invitation.”

“If your new date is a year away, send a change of date notice, and then send a new invitation 4 months before your wedding.”

More information

For more information on your wedding invitations, please read the Ring’s review on Red Bicycle Paper Co. To contact Heather directly, please use the contact form below.

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