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Imagine your favourite local summer fruit or vegetable. Watermelon? Peaches? Asparagus? When you book your wedding and life events with Little Mushroom Catering (, you can enjoy local produce all year long, in different delicious ways. 

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When planning your wedding, take into consideration how important it may be to you and your fiancé where your food is coming from and how it is being prepared. Ensuring that your wedding food has been created in a safe space and with the utmost care should be a priority. Food is one of the top three things that you and your guests will remember and talk about for years after the big day.

Little Mushroom Catering
Little Mushroom Catering

At Little Mushroom Catering, we take using local ingredients very seriously, which means taking things to a whole other level.

Canning & preserving is one of the biggest ways we make the most of our incredible Ontario produce. We create sauces, jams or preserves, chutneys, simple syrups and the list goes on. Here are a few examples of our farm to table approach:

  • Asparagus is only in season for a short time, so when we can, we purchase it in bulk and spend a day pickling. These spears are used year round in our Signature Caesar drinks for wedding bars, on our charcuterie platters and in our pickled market veg medley that is paired with T & J’s smoked trout on our hors d’oeuvres menu.
  • Red peppers are cooked down and turned into sweet and spicy red pepper jelly for the Duck, cranberry & feta cigarellos as well as the Aged Cheddar puff pastries with caramelized onions. LMC’s red pepper jelly is also a wonderful addition as a cheese pairing on our Ontario Artesianal Cheese boards.
Little Mushroom Catering | Photo: Novella Photography
  • Beets, green beans, onions, radishes, are pickled for salads, antipasti stations and cocktail garnishes.
  • We mix Ontario Peaches together with apricot & ginger to create our Peach chutney, used with pork tenderloin or chicken supreme and melted brie cheese.
  • Apples and plums, paired with curry and nutmeg spices, are used for a more savoury chutney, served on in-house baked onion shortbread & topped with Woolwich goat’s cheese.
  • Pears are canned in a light natural syrup for as a salad topping and used for our Famous Pear & Brie Mini Grilled Cheese apps.
Little Mushroom Catering
Little Mushroom Catering

Not only is preserving produce a great way to eat local all year long, but it is also a big part of being environmentally responsible and sustainable. Additionally it’s a fantastic way to grow your community and economy by supporting local farmers and vendors. Have you heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child“? We believe that is true for your wedding as well.

More on Little Mushroom Catering | From Mac N Cheese and Mexican Food Stations to Zucchini Lemon Soup Shooters and event rentals, there are countless reasons to love Waterloo Region’s Little Mushroom Catering. Using fresh and locally farmed ingredients to make the best from-scratch food, Little Mushroom ensures that they offer something delicious for everyone – including those with dietary restrictions and allergies. That said, they offer more than just delicious, custom wedding menus. Little Mushroom Catering offers event coordination, event rentals, set-up, tear down, bar staff, edible wedding favours, cakes, custom menus, competitive pricing and more. Read their review (prices, menues, photos, interviews with past clients & more) in The Ring here, or contact them directly by email using the form below:


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