Gown Shopping in a Pandemic

Gown Shopping in a Pandemic is a guest post from Erin Bouchard at Once Upon A Time Weddings. (Photo provided by Once Upon A Time Weddings)

Right now the world is starting to re-open. People have been in quarantine for a long time and are feeling couped up and ready to get life moving again. And so are bridal stores who have been closed for a couple of months. We’re ready and excited to welcome brides-to-be back into our store and to continue to do what we love.

You may be wanting to begin the process of choosing a gown or you may have already started to look. Here are some things to keep in mind when wedding gown shopping in a pandemic.

Don’t go to Every Bridal Store

I know some brides feel like they need to see all their options. They need to go to five or more bridal stores before they make a decision. They have this fear of missing out on something. Allow me to let you in on a little secret. There are only four types of wedding gowns. Aline, Fitted, Sheath, and Ball Gown. During a health crisis, it’s best to limit the number of people you interact with while shopping for your wedding gown.

So take a bit of time and do some research into the stores that you are interested in shopping at and choose one or two stores you have to visit. Browse their social media and check out their website to get a feel for the store and the type of gowns that they carry. Also, check out and ask them about the safety precautions they have implemented during COVID-19. Some stores will request you bring someone to assist you in the fitting rooms. Once Upon A Time Weddings, we’ve got an entire room for you to change in before you show your entourage. We’ll wear a mask while assisting you and we ask that you do the same. We have disposable masks on hand if you don’t bring one.

If you fall in love with a gown early in the shopping process, it’s okay to decide and keep moving forward with your wedding planning.

Who to Bring With You

In this stage of re-opening, stores are mandated to run on a lower capacity of guests. So check with the store you are booked in with. At Once Upon A Time Weddings we’re allowing brides to bring up to three guests with them on Saturdays, up to four during the week, and up to six if they book a VIP appointment. I know it may be hard to choose who comes with you but think of the people that you absolutely must have present when you find your gown. And it’s best at this point to leave any children at home.

How to Include Everyone

We know that it’s hard to limit how many people you bring with you, so at Once Upon A Time Weddings, we’re happy to have others join in by Zoom or Facetime. You can invite those who can’t come to still be part of the experience.

When to Shop

There are a few reasons that you should shop early. Currently, some designers are experiencing slight delays in production and shipping. We anticipate there to be a great number of brides who are now getting married in 2021. Which could potentially mean delays in production and in alteration times. If you’re planning to get married in 2021 now is the perfect time to shop for your gown, especially if we get a second wave resulting in shutdowns. It sets the tone for so many other things in your wedding planning. So often brides find that once they find their gown, so many other things start to fall into place.

Have Hope!

One of the best things about working with brides over the last couple of weeks is the renewed sense of hope and excitement that they feel. It’s been a long three months filled with so much uncertainty. It’s nice to get together with loved ones and celebrate your upcoming wedding by finding your gown. It reminds us all that better days are ahead.

Photo provided by Once Upon A Time Weddings

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