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“Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life, but then what? Will it be ‘happily ever after’ or just a great wedding? Will it be debt, crash and burn, or a debt-free, dream life that finds you more in love than ever on your 50th wedding anniversary?” – Risa

Your initial call to Risa and her team is to learn everything about you, while putting a plan in place to help you reach all of your dreams and goals as you begin your life together.

“The number one reason couples fail is because of FINANCES.” – Risa

Risa is known as The Financial Diva ( because of her financial knowledge, immense experience in money management and simply being a mother and wife who can understand your new journey as you’re out there just doing life: buying a house, growing your family, wondering about your savings accounts, that type of thing.

Risa’s job is to teach and coach you about what you need to know to succeed financially long term. It takes time, commitment and a willingness to succeed. Risa would love to meet with you to make sure your dreams and goals are aligned. There’s no consultation fee to have Risa work with you, so you can get started right away.

Have You Thought About Wedding Insurance?

“Wedding insurance protects a couple’s investment from circumstances beyond their control, and reimburses expenses incurred. For example, what if your limo driver doesn’t show up and you have to book another one the morning of your wedding – for three times the price? What if your reception space goes out of business a month before the wedding and you lose your deposit and have to book another space? These are the types of wedding day financial losses that wedding insurance can help protect. I hope your wedding will be disaster-free, but just in case we can put a plan in place so that if disaster strikes, we protect your investment, prevent a financial hit, and avoid added stress” – Risa

The Financial Diva
Image provided by The Financial Diva

MORE ABOUT THE FINANCIAL DIVA | The Financial Diva ( helps you plan the wedding of your dreams without going into debt (more details in their review in The Ring, here). To find out more, email The Financial Diva directly using the form below. 🙂


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