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10 Ways to Get Excited About ‘Extra Wedding Planning Time’ a guest post from Unmistakably You in London, Ontario.

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“Maybe your wedding has been postponed due to COVID-19. Or maybe you’ve just found yourself with a little extra time on your hands during social distancing. Either way, this is a tough time but there are positives if you want to see them. May we suggest that you make the most of the additional time you now have to plan your wedding?”

“Presumably, you’ve also been financially affected by the crisis, so these ideas don’t come with a big price tag, but hopefully, there’s something here that you can get excited about as you re-envision your wedding.”

10 Ways to Get Excited about Extra Wedding Planning Time

Spend this time getting active and healthy with your fiance. You’ll feel better and more energetic by the time your wedding rolls around!

  1. go for walks together
  2. cook healthy meals together
  3. challenge each other to drink more water/be more active

Plan a unique unity ceremony. Think about your interests as a couple.  What could you combine during your ceremony to demonstrate two becoming one? Write a meaningful text for your officiant to read explaining the ceremony to your guests.

  1. food/drink (wine, spices, tea, etc.)
  2. art
  3. music
  4. tree planting
  5. chemical reactions

Write each other letters. Write one letter each month, on the numerical day of your wedding, describing your feelings through this time.  At the wedding, seal them in a box, and open them on your first (or fifth, or tenth) anniversary.

Choreograph your first dance.  There are lots of great tutorials online; pick a tune, and spend some time working on your moves!

Create a signature cocktail.  Look up some recipes online, select one or two to try at a time, and have fun choosing the perfect drink to represent you!

Hand-make a special favour. Find grandma’s butter tart recipe, or start baking your favourite cookies from childhood (store in the freezer, well-wrapped). Create a special steak spice or BBQ rub and seal in jars.  Make jams or preserves and can in small batches.  Your guests will appreciate your time and love in creating these special gifts (especially if you include the recipe!).

Write thank-you notes to all your guests. Consider writing a thoughtful note to each guest you expect to attend; how warm and fuzzy would they feel knowing that you’ve spent time thinking about how special they are to you?  At the wedding, these can act as place cards or escort cards.

Choose your table wine.  If you are able to select your own wine and bring it in (or have your venue bring it in), set a budget, purchase some red and white wines within that budget (safely – wash your hands!!), and hold a tasting to select the one you like best.

Write your vows.  If you hadn’t intended to write your own vows, you now have more time to do it, if you choose.  Note that your own vows don’t need to be spoken aloud during your ceremony – you could always read them privately to each other, or seal them in a box and read them on an anniversary in the future.

Pick PERFECT music.  Spend your evenings cuddled up listening to music for your ceremony and reception.  Check an online database for suggestions, and listen to tunes you don’t know to select the perfect songs for signing the register, first dance, etc.

“I encourage you to try to stay positive and productive during this time, especially if you’re confined to your house.  Use this downtime as extra wedding planning time. Find an idea that motivates you, and work together to accomplish it. Stay safe, and happy planning!”

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