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The Financial Diva ( gives us some tips on ways you can save some serious dough on your wedding day! “Weddings are the ultimate celebration that couples want to cherish for the rest of their lives. When looking at the statistics on all the cost factors, who pays etc. the one stat that stands out is this: a staggering 91% of couples regretted their wedding-day spending. Even if they didn’t go over their budget!! They would rather have spent what they could afford and entered their new lives together debt- free.” – Risa, The Financial Diva

The Financial Diva
The Financial Diva

In this second part of my series I am here to offer my guidance to assist you in making more informed decisions to help you stay within or under your budget. The wedding is the beginning of a life together with finances being part of the everyday picture. Just as planning is a big part of the wedding budget, beginning a financial plan for your lives together will help you succeed long term. Financial planning is one of the most important decisions you will make for your future as a couple and my job, as an advisor, is to help you reach your dreams and goals.

Here are some practical tips for the things you’ll need for the day itself.

1 Stationery (Invitation, Save-the-date cards, and “Thank You” notes)

First thing on the list and can add up quickly. Help your budget by opting for paper invitations etc by shopping around online first. A simple design for the cheapest price and choose white envelopes instead of coloured. Or save more by printing your own or go eco-friendly and digital with wedding e-cards and online RSVP’s saving you time and postage!

2. Wedding Transport

Instead of the traditional limo check and see who in your family or a friend would lend you a classic car or truck for the day??

3. Venue Options

To save money and get the venue option of your choice, often just changing the time of day and duration can make a difference. Book in the off-season or choose a Friday afternoon or evening instead. Saturday brunch event for three hours instead of five can also save you even more.

4 Memories and Music

Professional photographers and videographers are fabulous but choosing students from a local college or university can help cut costs. Having disposable cameras at each table or for each guest can give you even more great shots throughout your special day. Since so many people are taking pictures you have a better chance of some interesting and fabulous shots of your “best” side.

For music consider a local university or college music school who might spoil you with singers, string players and a pianist saving you money yet having terrific music and they might even  be available for your reception! Or you can opt for a DJ just starting out.

The main take away is to look at different and unique options. Find a school that might love the opportunity to help, change the day or time of day, see what options are available within your friends and family and most of all plan, budget and enjoy your day!

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