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Choosing the right wedding dress is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make. This is a very special day when all ladies wants to look flawless. There are so many different styles and designs that you can easily get overwhelmed and confused. Tony from Love Your Dress in Toronto ( shares with us 7 amazing ways to style your wedding dress and look your best!…

Go For Boho

Fall is a season when you can still experiment with so many different styles that are also popular in summer. Chic, effortless boho vibes can be a part of your appearance and help you put together the bridal look of your dreams. The coolest thing about this style is that you don’t essentially need to start from the dress. In other words, the gown doesn’t have to feature bohemian moments. Instead, start playing with your jewelry, a flower crown, hair accessories, boho bouquet, a belt, braided hairstyle and so much more. It’s all about the details. Another great thing is that you can actually opt for comfy shoes that are both fashionable and look amazing.

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Accessorize The Neckline

Even if you have the simplest wedding gown, you can make it a fashion statement by accessorizing the neckline. A single necklace can do so much for almost any dress. Whenever you feel like your look is not glam enough, try adding a gorgeous pendant or even a choker, depending on the cleavage.

Do you have a necklace that is a gift from someone special and you absolutely want to wear it? But, the gown you found has a neckline that doesn’t really work with the jewelry. LoveYourDress are specialized in wedding gown alterations and will make all the changes that you can imagine.

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Timeless Classics

So many brides adore a classic, timeless dress. Although it can be a bit tricky to style this gown, you can definitely add your signature touches. Start with the makeup. If it’s a very simple elegant dress, dare to flaunt a red lip.

Another huge accessory that looks fabulous with a classic bridal gown is a tiara. There are so many different designs to choose from, some gentle, soft, while others are rich and opulent. If you still want to take things a step further, add a statement veil.

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Princess Vibes

Every girl dreams of looking like a princess on her wedding day. It’s a good thing that the dramatic princess wedding gowns are making a come-back. Think of oversized skirts, embellishments, beads, tulle, a dress that will have all eyes on you.

Since the gown will be on the extravagant side, you need to tone it down with the simplest jewelry, and a sleeked, classy hairstyle. Yes, they say that more is more, but don’t exaggerate it.

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A Pop Of Color

Who says that a bride should always wear white? In the past few years, the trends have been so diverse and offer a little something for everyone. A fall ceremony sounds like a perfect match with ivory or champagne-coloured wedding gowns.

This is the time of the year when you could pull off so many different colours. Brave ladies can and should flaunt a statement gown that escapes the classic patterns. When you feel like white is still your way to go, but still, want to add a pop of colour, you can do that with accessories. It can be tiny details such as earrings, or matching shoes, clutch and flowers.

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Cover Up

You don’t want to risk being cold during your fall wedding. Thinking in advance will save you from so much stress. Finding a fashionable way to cover up, that also looks gorgeous with the dress is possible. Capes, boleros, caplets, or a glam fur stole, there is a way to compliment your gown even more. The simpler styles can benefit so much from a beaded cape or an embellished bolero. The gowns that are already extra should be paired with a delicate, soft plain shawl, bolero, or a caplet.

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Short And Chic

Short, cool wedding dresses are not only meant for summer. Some women simply feel more comfortable in a trendy short number and that’s exactly what they want to rock for a fall ceremony. This means that you can find a bold pair of shoes and show off your toned legs. It also gives you the space to add accessories, belts, and a trendy cape.

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“Every bride is beautiful, no matter what style she opts for. The truth is that we all need an extra inspiration once the big date starts approaching. Elevating a bridal gown or toning it down is not as hard as it sounds. Once you remember that you have so many different accessories, shoes, hair, and makeup to play with, you’ll see that details matter. Choose a style that you really like and you’ll feel comfortable in. From there on things will be so much easier.” – Tony


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