After shooting 1000 weddings, London Photographers HRM Photography deserve a huge Congratulations!

HRM Photography ( has been a force in the London Wedding Industry and they have recently passed the 1000 wedding milestone! This is a huge accomplishment and we wanted to see how they feel about all their hard work…

After 1000 weddings what has changed in the industry?

“The industry has changed in many ways; some good, some bad. We love the personal and unique details that more and more couples seem to focus on. We don’t love the pressure Pinterest puts on couples! At the end of the day, it’s about the marriage not the wedding and this can get forgotten sometimes with so much pressure for everything to be bigger, better, and more!”

After 1000 weddings what inspires you? 

“The same things that have always inspired us since I started HRM Photography 15 years ago- each couple’s individual love story, and the joy of capturing it forever!”

What do you love about weddings since it’s the core of your business?

“That it’s the start of a family’s story, and more often than not it’s the start of a lifelong relationship with us documenting this family as they grow!”

What’s your wedding pet peeve?

“Over eager guests blocking us at the ceremony with large ipads!! Just put them down and enjoy the day! We LOVE unplugged ceremonies!”

What are some of your fav wedding moments?
“Kelly & Joe stopped by Victoria hospital on the way to their reception to visit Joe’s grandfather and shared an emotional moment with him.” – Heather

HRM Photography

“Laura snuck a quiet moment in before her ceremony to breastfeed her son” – Heather

HRM Photography

“Sara & Sarah’s recessional after their ceremony was an amazing moment, the pure joy they had being able to say “I do” with the support of their friends and family was a beautiful thing!” – Heather

HRM Photography

“We took Kara and Brandon outside for a night shot and I jokingly said a light sprinkle of rain right now would be magical and that’s exactly what we got!” – Lindsay

HRM Photography

“Katelynn and Kyle knew they had to include the third member of their family in their wedding pictures! Juneau was their ring bearer and also joined in their first dance!”- Niki

What is one thing that you think everyone needs to know about wedding photography?

“Wedding photography is the only thing that makes your wedding last forever! The food gets eaten, your flowers wilt and your dress gets boxed up. Your wedding photos will be passed on for generations. It’s a lifetime investment so invest wisely!”

Heather and HRM Photography’s 1000th bride

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