Off-Season Weddings at Rebel Creek Golf Club

Off-season weddings are becoming very popular at Rebel Creek Golf Club ( for many reasons. From space and options to price, here’s what you’ll want to know about an off-season Rebel Creek wedding…
Venue: Rebel Creek Golf Club | Photo: Emptage Photography
Venue: Rebel Creek Golf Club | Photo: Emptage Photography


Rebel Creek offers 50% off the hall rental and ceremony fees for off season weddings. Off-season weddings are considered by Rebel Creek to be any weddings between November and April.

Flexibility & Convenience:

There is something to be said for flexibility. Rebel Creek says that the opportunity to offer early set up times (without extra charge) as well as late tear down is very likely possible during off-season. Having extra time to take care of all the little details is great for couples as well as their vendors (particularly decorators who need to get in at to remove a lot of props, elaborate ceiling treatments, backdrops, etc).

Venue: Rebel Creek Golf | Photo: Love Sprouts Photography
Venue: Rebel Creek Golf | Photo: Love Sprouts Photography


Off-season weddings get the use of the ENTIRE Rebel Creek facility to themselves. This is because the golf course is literally shut down. The team and facilities are exclusively at your disposal.


Although pictures on the golf course are not permitted during off season times (due to weather), the large back patio, the front drive and the entrance areas are great for beautiful those late fall and winter wonderful photos.

Rebel Creek offers an incredible banquet facility with vaulted ceilings and a view to fall in love with. In fact, Rebel Creek recently underwent renovations which added event space, design, a new sound system and over 22,000 square feet of space to this fantastic venue.


Without golf tournaments and sports events to compete with, there are more dates available for brides and grooms during off season any other time of the year.

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