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Photo above: Julie Nicole Photography. Cover of the Fall/Winter 2016 Wedding Ring Magazine

Julie Nicole Photography offers gorgeous, stress-free, magazine-worthy photography and a personality you’ll fall in love with
Reviewing Julie Nicole Photography
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Julie Sawatzky is a passionate, ultra-talented, self-taught photographer who has taken a knack for capturing gorgeous, authentic, magazine-caliber fine art images and has it a full time career shooting weddings, style shoots, and ultimately, the cover of The Wedding Ring’s Magazine.  You have only to view her images to see why she has achieved such success. Her eye for fashion style photography and for capturing those gorgeous intimate moments that can only happen on your wedding day are evident in each image.

Julie loves every minute of her artistic work. “I get to see the real beauty in life every single day when I’m working.” She describes herself as young, driven and one of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet. “Every aspect of the business is a thrill for me… From marketing, planning and shooting to editing and sharing!” Located in Kitchener Waterloo, Julie Nicole Photography services Cambridge, Toronto, London and surrounding areas, as well as beyond, through her destination wedding photography packages.

We sat down with Julie Sawatzky to find out everything a bride and groom will want to know about hiring this incredible photographer…

Inspired by people and love stories…

Julie is a fun-loving, funny, down-to-earth girl who loves the people aspect of her work. “I can get along with just about anyone.”

Past bride, Breanne Weddell, can attest to that, describing Julie’s personality as larger than life. “She’s exactly the person you would want to be by your side on your wedding day, as you go through the festivities. Aside from the fact that she an amazing photographer, she’s also very witty and great at dealing with any type of situation – which was helpful as we went through the day. The day after I was engaged, the first booking I made was with Julie.”

Julie says she loves being creative. “I love the thrill of coming up with a vision and executing is really what keeps me in the game. I love a challenge and each couple has a new dynamic that keeps me on my toes.”  Julie strives to create an experience that is fun, while creating an atmosphere that isn’t stressful.

“She’s exactly the person you would want to be by your side on your wedding day…Aside from the fact that she an amazing photographer, she’s also very witty and great at dealing with any type of situation…” – Breanne

“I was already very firm about the style I wanted for my Boho-chic wedding,” says another of Julie’s past brides, Risa. “Julie was amazing when it came to styling our engagement photo shoot. She took all my ideas and brought them to life.”

Trish Baglole describes Julie’s work as having a very soft, romantic, yet still sexy photography style. “What I loved the most about her style was that she was able to capture the love two people shared with one image. Her photos are like watching a movie such as The Notebook. They are filled with love and romance.”

A dramatic photography style

As for her photography style, Julie says its stellar fine art imagery that will knock your socks off.

“I love anything vintage or film inspired. I have a more dramatic/vogue style approach to my photography.”

Julie likes to create magazine worthy images instead of just some photos. “Anyone can take a nice picture, but I think mine stand out above the rest.” She delivers fun, stress-free sessions, creative captures, a quick turnaround time, competitive pricing, and will be a friend for life.

Julie admits she is 100% self-taught and has worked behind the scenes watching tutorials and videos to hone her skills. And it is obviously working. Since opening her business in 2011, Julie has captured over 20 weddings. Not only have her photographs been featured in The Wedding Ring, they’ve also appeared online and in print across North America. She thrives on witnessing real beauty in real life every single day.

Breanne says, “Julie captured every single detail of my wedding perfectly. My wedding day went by so fast, and now feels like a distant memory – so having these photos allows me to look back, relive and treasure the moments.”

Julie’s personality is one of a kind,” says Trish. “She gets to know exactly what her clients want and means business. She is fun, loving and passionate. It’s not all serious business, she makes you laugh, relax and have an amazing time.”

“My favourite memory with Julie would be the first time I saw the evening pictures she captured of my husband and I,” says Trish. “My heart instantly melted and I fell in love all over again. No matter how many times I look back at the picture, I am totally amazed with how well she was able to capture my fairy-tale ending.”

On the wedding day…

“I plan everything out,” says Julie. Having a layout of the day helps to provide direction for the bridal party, as well as keeping herself and her second shooter on track during the day. “I keep the day organized and do all of the client interactions and post processing,” she explains, admitting that she considered herself to be very skilled at running the show and keeping people organized. “I compliment the day by helping with details and stresses that come up during the day,” she says. As a trained stylist and make-up artist, Julie is able to fix any issues before she snaps a picture.

“I cannot tell you the number of times I have fixed up do’s, loose lashes and fizzy hair on location for photos.”

“Working with Julie from beginning to end was absolutely amazing,” says Risa, adding that Julie was recommend by her florist, who happens to know Julie. “She was so friendly. During each occasion she went way above and beyond what I expected of a photographer,” she says. On Risa’s wedding day, the bridal party got ready at her friend’s flower shop, mainly for the photo opportunities. “Between getting ready and photos, my flower crown went missing,” explains Risa. Julie knew how devastated Risa would be, so she quickly made a new crown with materials in the shop.

“Julie always goes above and beyond and is full of ideas and creativity,” says Breanne. “She is a born leader. She kept everything organized, knew my schedule off-by-heart and totally aced the day!”

One of Breanne’s favourite memories from her wedding day was watching Julie interact with her 9-year old daughter, Ruby. As she waiting to lead the bridesmaids down the aisle during the ceremony, Ruby was overtaken with emotion and was crying. “She didn’t think she could walk down the aisle. Julie jumped in, got down to Ruby’s level and cheered her up,” says Breanne. “It was such a sweet moment to watch and I’m thankful that Julie has such a kind heart and was able to jump in and save the day.”

For Jessica’s wedding, Julie travelled to North Bay and stayed the night to ensure she was able to capture all the memories of the day and evening.

“She was fun and energetic…She wanted to do fun shots that weren’t the typical boring bridal shots.” – Jessica

Jessica also admits that Julie worked with her budget, so she got exactly what she wanted for the money she was looking to spend. “I was provided with so many beautiful digital images, I’m very happy with the pictures!”

Julie Nicole Photography Packages…

Package options start at 4 hours of coverage and go up to full day photography services. Each package offers an engagement session, as well as a lovely collection of full edited images without any watermark. In addition to the digital images that are provided on a USB stick, Julie also offers a selection of prints and products as well.

“The bigger package you go with the more goodies are included. I offer fine art albums, custom USB’s, high-end prints, wall art and more,” she says, adding that prices start at $2,500 for local weddings.

Julie’s most popular package is the 8 hour wedding package. “Most couples find that they are able to get all of the photos they need/want in that time frame. It’s also a mid-range package and is a great price considering what you get.”

Risa was very happy with Julie’s photography packages and she found the right one to fit into her budget. But aside from prices, it was Julie’s relaxed style during the photographs that really made a difference.

“Her amazing personality made the day so much more fun, especially during the location photos,” says Risa.

“During the location photos it was hot, my dress was super tight and it felt long. However Julie was there to comfort, smile and crack hilarious jokes along the entire way.”
– Risa

“Picking my photographer was not an easy task, between myself and my husband we had very different opinions on what to pay for a photographer and what the difference in quality was for all the different photographers available. After reviewing 100’s of different galleries and price listings I boiled it down to two completely different photographers with very different styles and slight difference in price. It was not an easy choice at all, Julie Nicole Photography had amazing photo’s but her style wasn’t 100% what I was hoping for,” explains Trish. “However, her outstanding personality, price point, (including the package we had available to us at the time) and quality of the style she produced was amazing and sealed the deal for me. In the end, Julie Nicole Photography captured the look and style I was after. She worked hard and nailed exactly what I was looking for. She captured my fairy-tale dream coming true and I am beyond happy with photos produced.”

Details, details, details….

  • Local wedding photography commissions start at $2500
  • Photography services include engagement, wedding, boudoir photo sessions

Contacting Julie Nicole Photography

To learn more about Julie Nicole Photography, contact Julie Sawatzky directly by email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit Julie Nicole Photography online at www.julienicolephotography.com.

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I seriously love Julie! I have worked with her numerous times and each and every time she was excited, creative, and in awesome happy spirits! Her photography is beautiful, and she always captures even the tiniest details! Her spunky, and cheerful personality along with her attention to detail and beautiful photography style make her my top choice to work with! I highly recommend Julie Nicole Photography!
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