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Local couples choose Gary Evans Photography for epic, wall-worthy photographs and a bit of cheeky British humour on the side

Request more pricing, details and info from this vendor!Gary Evans’ love for photography and his love for a local, high profile decorator, Kim (Owner of The Creative Bride), has taken this creative, well-established British photographer across the North Atlantic – from the UK to the Kitchener-Waterloo/Cambridge area. And many brides are extremely happy that it did.

Gary Evans Photography focuses on making sure each couple’s wedding photos are unique. He says he is always looking to capture epic, “wall-worthy” shots. The team at The Ring had the opportunity to interview some of the brides from Gary’s recent wedding shoots and discovered that they were all just as in love with Gary’s winning personality and unique photography style as we are.

From the beginning

Gary Evans Photography is a self-taught photographer that built his business hands on and through working with other photographers in the United Kingdom. While he earned his first DSLR at the age of 18, he has officially been shooting weddings since 2006, with 350+ on his resume to date. But it was in 2014 that Gary moved to Canada to marry his true love, and plant roots firmly right here in the local market – including getting married, having a baby and building a business that continues to grow.

Standing apart

One of the things that sets Gary apart from other wedding photographers is his willingness to go the extra mile – both figuratively and literally. “I will take the time to scout locations with or without the clients to be able to find unique and interesting shots that I haven’t seen before,” says Gary. “I won’t have my clients have to settle for a wedding that they’ve seen before. My clients are unique and their wedding photographs should be too.”

Going above and beyond, with a bit of cheeky British humour

Gary’s personality is definitely one of the first things that stands out in the minds of many brides who have used Gary Evans Photography for their special day.

From the moment that a bride and groom sit down with Gary for their first consultation, he is able to put them at ease. His professional yet relaxed manner – along with a healthy dose of cheeky British humour – are among the qualities that so many couples are instantly attracted to. Of course, his beautiful wedding photos that capture all the emotion and spirit of the day don’t hurt either!

That was certainly the case with bride Kelly Lavis who had Gary take her wedding photos. “Our biggest reason for choosing Gary Evans as our photographer was how my husband and I just clicked with him. He was so genuine and didn’t try to sell us anything that we didn’t want or need. To us it was important to find someone who would not stand out as a photographer but rather would be almost be part of the wedding – and with Gary’s personality and professional ways he was perfect!”

Bride, Brittany Othmer agrees. “One of the reasons we chose Gary was because of the time he spent with me at our first meeting. My mom and I attended a wedding show and ended up in Gary’s booth. He approached us and took half an hour of his time talking with us, showing us his work and his cameras and he answered every question we had as other brides came in and out of the busy booth. That showed me his dedication, focus and desire to make his clients happy.”

One of Brittany’s favourite moments with Gary however was when he made the trek north to Muskoka with her and her fiancé to take their engagement photos. “Gary and his wife drove all the way up to cottage country to take photos in the same boat that my husband asked me to marry him on. We made a fun filled day out of it and it felt like we were just with our friends, out on the water on a hot summer day. Gary hopped off the boat onto someone’s dock to get the shot he was after!”

Epic and wall-worthy

Gary admits that he works really hard to make sure that the day is well planned, “… and I am rarely putting my camera down. I love looking for opportunities to get those epic “wall-worthy” photographs for my clients.”

So what makes a wedding photo epic and wall-worthy? For past bride, Lynsey Frangakis, it was a combination of things, “Gary’s photography had just the right amount of artistic touches. It isn’t so ‘out there’ that you are missing the traditional shots, but even these traditional shots have artistic touches and elements. He also took a lot of candid shots that really captured the emotional aspects of the day.”

According to Paige Delanghe Gary’s easy going style also facilitated the wall worthiness of the finished product. “The quality of the photos he took was impressive. Gary was so easy to work with, he was very personable and was able to meet all of our requests. He was able to make us feel comfortable which allowed for natural looking pictures that didn’t feel awkward or forced.”

Packages and pricing

Gary’s years of experience photographing weddings have taught him that every wedding is different and the ideal amount of time that he needs to properly convey a couple’s wedding story differs from couple to couple. Gary’s Signature Package does away with trying to cram all the photography into a set number of hours. “The couple and I go over what they need and determine a start and finish time, this way we make sure everything is captured and they don’t have to worry that time maybe running out before everything is captured.” Couples invest $4450 in this Signature Package ensuring they get exactly what they need.

Once the work is complete, couples will receive:
•   Edited images that tell your wedding story.
•   Downsized and re-sharpened versions of your edited images for easy upload onto social media sites.
•    A DVD Slideshow of your edited images set to music.
•    A high definition Mp4 slideshow.
•    An online web album of your edited images to share with family and friends.
•    Shared copyright so that you can print and share your images whenever you like, with permission.

Gary explains what goes into and comes out of each wedding photography package, “The goal is always to produce beautiful, intimate, epic wedding photographs that make my clients struggle to decide which photographs to put on their wall. I also want them to have enjoyed their day with me and have been wowed by how hard I have worked for them.”

Details, details, details

•    The average bride spends $4450 with Gary Evans Photography.
•    A deposit of $500 is required to book your date.
•    Months to book ahead: There’s only one wedding a day, so the sooner you can book the better. Gary is happy to take last minute bookings if he’s available. Most couples book between 6 and 12 months ahead to help ensure that he is available.

Contacting Gary Evans Photography

Gary Evans at Gary Evans Photography can be reached by email directly using the form below 🙂 You can also visit Gary Evans Photography online at www.geweddings.ca.

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5 5 1
My wife and I chose Gary as our wedding photographer, and have absolutely no regrets - he was fantastic from our first meeting right through to our wedding day. Not only were the photos everything we were hoping for, but he was crucial to keeping us on schedule, without taking away from the experience of our wedding day in any way. We had a small window in which to capture all of our photos in the Guelph Arboretum in order to get back to the venue in time, and the quality and variety of photos that Gary was able to capture is astounding. We would highly recommend Gary Evans Photography to any and all couples looking for the perfect photographer to capture their special day.

5 5 1
Gary Evans of Gary Evans Photography is a fantastic, wonderful photographer. His style, varying shots, original backgrounds and recommendations from friends quickly put Gary at the top of our list when choosing our wedding photographer. He's very calm, patient and fun while shooting, and makes you feel so incredibly comfortable in front a camera (when so many of us have never 'modeled' before). If you're looking for someone who will completely cover every aspect of your wedding day on his own, while also ensuring that he's capturing every moment, every candid laugh, tear and incredible memory that happens throughout the day... then Gary Evans is your man. Not to mention his turn around time is so quick!!!

5 5 1
Gary was beyond amazing! He was professional, fun, and very patient which is required with a huge bridal party and a not so wonderful videographer. Gary always responded promptly to any questions I had up to the day of the wedding and he took amazing photos, especially with a group of not so photogenic males. My husband says Gary is not only a photographer, but helped with their ties, boutonnieres, and anything else that was required. The way he presented our photos to us at the very end made me cry. I would absolutely recommend Gary to anyone looking for a photographer,

5 5 1
Gary photographed my wedding on September 24th, 2016. I met Gary at a Bridal Show and instantly knew he was going to be my photographer. I told Gary that I wanted to do a reveal, so that I can capture the first time Jason sees me. Gary got really excited and told me about this great place in Cambridge to take pictures. His passion for photography is so evident in his beautiful photos. The day of the wedding was nothing short of amazing. Gary instantly felt like family 🙂 All of our guests still rave about how awesome Gary is. One of the best decisions I ever made was having Gary as our wedding photographer. Hands down the most amazing and creative photographer.

5 5 1
Gary took the plain and ordinary and made it fantastic! Our August 2013 wedding held on a farm was captured by Gary from every aspect! He is amazingly skilled and professional. He took the time to take specific shots (of our HUGE) family with such patience and also captured those little moments that we never thought of! Because of Gary we have incredible photos of the best day of our lives!

5 5 1
Gary did my sons wedding this past September 2015. We are a different sort of family and love to have fun and Gary captured every important,loving,fun moment throughout the day and then some. I look at the pictures and video montage regularly and still cry with happy tears. The memories he was able to give us of this most important day to date makes me speechless. You can't put a price on memories. It was worth every dime and then some. I hope when they decide to give me grandchildren you'll be there to capture those memories for us too.
Gary Evans Photography