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Brentwood Livery offers personalized luxury chauffeured wedding experiences.

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After countless hours of wedding planning, couples still stress how their plans will all come together on their big day. With Brentwood Livery’s personalized luxury chauffeured limo service, they fulfill your perfect wedding day plan to leave you feeling celebrated, smiling ear to ear!!

There is no shortage of people who have excellent things to say about the family-run luxury Limo Service company, Brentwood Livery. In fact, countless brides and other experts in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph areas refer to Brentwood for every unforgettable celebration.

Celebrating their 31st anniversary this year, this enthusiastic team continues to out-serve their Southern Ontario brides and grooms. And since it’s no surprise that Brentwood has built up a long-standing reputation, we have a lot more to tell you. Let us explain…

The Brentwood Livery family

Brentwood has been waging war on the status quo. They don’t just have cars and they don’t just have drivers. They aren’t just getting people from one place to another.  They truly are creators, designers, and architects of unforgettable luxury chauffeured limo experiences.  Travel isn’t about travel anymore.  It is an experience. They help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Brentwood Livery is the largest wedding-specialized limousine company in the K-W area, and, unlike many large companies, is equally as personable. Brent, the chief experience officer, and his team believe you deserve to be celebrated from beginning to end and not worry about a thing. They get it. It’s their experience mindset that confirms you’re always in good hands. Brent is dedicated to Brentwood’s long-time legacy of making each passenger feel celebrated when they arrive. He explains, “That is what transforming transportation into an unforgettable wedding day experience is all about.”

They understand just the thought of keeping your wedding day on time can make people anxious not to mention actually doing it can be stressful for you, especially when you only have one shot to get it right. Brentwood’s wedding specialists have helped flawlessly execute thousands of couples’ wedding plans. They have over 30 years of raving testimonials to prove it. They consult extensively with couples and they personalize the experience for each couple who come to Brentwood for their wedding day experience.

Look, Feel & Be Unforgettable in Luxury

Next to the service you can expect at Brentwood Livery, it’s their vehicles that are second to none. Every vehicle is pristine, thanks to the fact that they are thoroughly detailed before each trip and are meticulously maintained to the highest standard.

The fleet includes a variety of the newest style vehicles, custom ordered and appointed with comfortable luxury and user-friendly technology. They feature the newest Lincoln MKT model of eight-passenger limousine, luxurious LimoBuses which accommodate 14 to 30 passengers comfortably, 12 to 14 passenger Stretch SUV’s, and of course, the white interior and exterior Tesla Model X with falcon-wing doors is perfect for the small but elegant wedding.

Brentwood is fully equipped with their unique fleet to help you celebrate events such as birthdays, proms, corporate events, wine tours, anniversaries, concert trips, stag and doe parties, and of course, weddings! “Couples deserve more than just a nice ride… they deserve to be celebrated!” says Brent.

Brentwood Livery was founded by Brent’s dad, David, who, after working in the industry, believed that luxurious transportation should be all about SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE. “Our unforgettable service cannot be found anywhere else,” says Brent. “We understand. You only have one chance to get it right. No one cares about creating value and the unforgettable wedding day experience the way we do. We believe the difference is in how much we care about how you feel while you experience our white-gloved chauffeured service.”

Brides and grooms who hire Brentwood usually do so for six main reasons 

  • their attention to every service detail & they have a super high expectation of the level of service you deserve 
  • they hire and personally train the best professional wedding chauffeurs because they won’t risk your wedding day to another limo service,  
  • their immaculate fleet, 
  • the way they make their passengers feel, 
  • and/or the fact that a friend or family member highly recommended Brentwood to them.

Anyone who has ever taken a ride in a Brentwood limousine will tell you that the vehicle itself, and especially the chauffeur, made them feel like royalty while eliminating all the stress and worry of what could go wrong in the day.

For more information on vehicles or, to receive a custom quote, click here.

Details and decorations

Vehicle decorations on any of Brentwood’s vehicles usually include ‘Almost & Just Married’ hearts and a red carpet. The vehicles are impeccable and have new body styles with elegant lighting, flat-screen TVs, Bluetooth sound systems, and a chauffeur whose goal for the day is to make you feel delighted!

A Brentwood wedding chauffeur has had a minimum of thirty hours of in-class training and chauffeuring other celebrations before their hands-on wedding training starts. To chauffeur a wedding they must meet many requirements and typically it is the final and highest level of chauffeur training a Brentwood chauffeur can achieve. It comes only after proving credibility for at least 12 months while handling less stressful events. When the wedding chauffeur is sent out, he is taught to go with one question to keep top of mind… “How can I help create  unforgettable memories for my guests today?”

Like all wedding vendors, Brentwood suggests that you book as far in advance as possible if you want to be assured of getting the limousine, LimoBus, or SUV that you want. Saturdays in prime wedding season are in high demand for the limo business. It is not uncommon to book 6 to 12 months in advance. But given the changes, we are all experiencing since COVID you can always give them a call. You just never know if there was a last-minute cancellation.

Wedding Packages & Prices…

Brentwood Livery offers custom packages but the most popular are the Enchanting afternoon five hour and Celebrate all day packages. Post-reception/honeymoon packages are a great gift idea and offered at various price levels depending on your needs. They understand they can’t offer a one size fits all package, so contact Brentwood to take advantage of their wedding specialist’s knowledge in creating a package that is right for you on your day.

If your wedding is in the off-season between November and April you can save up to 20% on their wedding packages.  Remember to add a suggested 15% gratuity, and of course, 13% taxes also apply. All prices are subject to change and should be verified by Brentwood Livery. Brentwood accepts cash, cheque, etransfers, or credit card for payment.

To give you an idea of typical Saturday pricing during prime season, packages range from $405 for your sedan wedding to $1895 for your all-day wedding in a 30 passenger LimoBus. On average a bride spends $1000 depending on the day of the week, time of the year, size of the vehicle, and number of hours booked.

For promotions and information on Brentwood’s Unforgettable Wedding Service, click here.

Booking your ride in style

Brentwood Livery is located at 299 Bridge Street East (near the Bridge & Lancaster intersection) in Kitchener. The best way to find out more information is to visit and download their free ebook – 10 Ways Chauffeured Service will Eliminate Stress on your Wedding Day.  Then you can request a quote online or call and review your perfect day plans over the phone. So that you can stop feeling anxious about your day and instead Celebrate together smiling ear to ear. You can also contact Brentwood Livery directly using the contact form below.

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