Beaverdale Golf Club {review}

Beaverdale Golf Club offers beautifully affordable wedding ceremonies and receptions live up to GolfNorth standards

Request more pricing, details and info from this vendor!Beaverdale Golf Club, part of the  GolfNorth family, is a familiar name in the Kitchener-Waterloo and Southwestern area, with highly rated golf courses, beautiful, picturesque grounds, and clubhouses worthy of elegant affairs – including weddings, which they’ve been creating for more than thirty years.


Beaverdale Golf Club in Cambridge is no exception to living up to the superior GolfNorth reputation, which may have something to do with the team of event specialists at the club. Barbara Warry is the General Manager of the club and tells us “The club’s wedding and event coordinator initially meets with brides and grooms and reviews all details and particulars in order that your day exceeds your expectation. With a dedicated team of staff, they provide a tastefully decorated hall and co-ordinators who are well versed in executing your special day. “In essence, we ensure that everything goes off without a hitch,” – something she says is a joy for her and her team.

With a number of newly renovated event spaces that offer multiple themes and designs to suit many different decorating styles, and custom packages that can include everything from on-site ceremonies to photo locations, from open bar to cocktail or full meal receptions, we’re not surprised that Beaverdale is attracting brides who are looking for that perfect, all-in-one location that’s local and affordable.

Barb says that some couples find themselves unsure of what the next steps are in the process. They find it overwhelming. “It is our job to provide our brides and grooms with honest and invaluable tools, such as reviewing menus and details while keeping the importance of being mindful of their budget at the forefront. When offering direction in this way, the couples we work with gain confidence and a better understanding regarding their event with Beaverdale Country Club. Any person can be overwhelmed by things, such as timelines we like to offer a big picture view of the entire planning process and any other areas that they are finding challenging in order to assist them in finding joy in every moment leading up to their special day.”

Products and Services

The team at Beaverdale doesn’t just work with you on your wedding day. They say that they’re there for you every step of the way in your planning process, dedicating themselves to ensuring that you and your guests have the best possible day.

“Our brides and grooms meet to discuss their vision of their special day with us while we budget accordingly and discuss what might suit their needs best. We offer ideas and suggestions once we better get to know the people we are working with. This comes with many telephone calls, answers to questions and impromptu meetings to help our brides and groom better understand what we can do for them. We pride ourselves in accommodating special requests and keep in mind that every event in special, we keep our minds open to suggestions and learn a great deal in turn.”

Even after 300 weddings, the team at Beaverdale still the love the challenge of making sure that your day a unique reflection of your personality and style. “We love the anticipation of offering our guests the best possible experience.” When asked what inspires her after so many successful weddings, Barb says “Being offered the opportunity to share knowledge with new up and coming staff that share the same passion and joy that this career has given me and being in a position to learn from them.”

Packages and Prices

Couples who book their weddings at Beaverdale are not just golf enthusiasts who always have their clubs with them in their trunk. Beaverdale appeals to the local bride and groom who is looking for a hassle-free wedding experience.

Having the entire clubhouse and golf course (for pictures and golf) within her budget was something that Michelle found to be incredible at Beaverdale as she told us that the “prices were very reasonable…” Beaverdale was also willing to work with them on pricing, she adds.

Beaverdale offers a variety of packages, on-site ceremonies, photo locations, menu tastings, cocktail receptions, receptions, as many meetings as needed, decorating, and an overall fabulous experience.

Though one reason that attracted Jennifer to Beaverdale was the affordable pricing, she adds that it was the style of the hall that sold her and her fiancé. “Once I got into the hall, I loved it… it was the perfect place for us.” She adds that the grounds at Beaverdale are also amazing for photographs. “Beaverdale Golf Club is the perfect location as it has everything you need and much more to accommodate any wedding or event.” (You can see more of Jennifer and Kevin’s Wedding here.)

Barb says one of the things that makes Beaverdale so popular with brides is their custom packages. The average couple spends $99.00-$119.00 per person including food, ceremony fee, and reception hall. Bar, taxes, gratuities and special requests are extra.

Wedding packages at Beaverdale are designed to “cater to all of your needs and budget requirements.”

“The prices fell within our budget,” says Jennifer. “I have never been to a wedding where there was so much food on your plate that you couldn’t possibly eat it all.”

Details, Details, Details

• Call or email Beaverdale to discuss your wedding, the contract and view the facility.
• A $1000 non-refundable deposit is due upon booking, with $1000 due 6 months before your wedding and another $500 is due 3 months before; the balance for an open bar is requested to be paid for on the evening of.
• Package prices vary, but the average bride spends about $99-$119 per person at Beaverdale. (Excludes bar, tax and gratuity)
• Bar options include host, cash, toonie, loonie, etc.
• Beaverdale can host ceremonies, photos, cocktail and full menu receptions, accommodating up to 160 people.

Contacting Beaverdale Golf Club

To find out more, contact Beaverdale Golf Club by email using the form below 🙂 Beaverdale Golf Club is located at 1171 Kossuth Road in Cambridge and their website is at

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