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Modern couples are changing up the multi-stop wedding day in favour of hosting their wedding ceremony and wedding reception at an all-in-one venue. Why is that? The benefits of having your wedding ceremony at the same venue as your wedding reception are almost too numerous to list. Not only does having both your ceremony and reception at one venue allow you to make the most of your venue budget, but it also eliminates any downtime between the two parts of the event.

Here are a few more compelling reasons to consider hosting your wedding ceremony and wedding reception at an all-in-one venue:

An all-in-one venue simplifies the planning process

1. Selecting an all-in-one venue significantly simplifies the planning process. When you book a single location with a dedicated venue manager for your entire event, you streamline numerous aspects of your wedding compared to trying to coordinate things at two separate venues.

A more convenient and shorter commute

2. Spare your guests the extra effort of having to travel from one venue to another. Or having you cover the transportation costs. It also means one less map to create and one less logistical issue to deal with. And who doesn’t appreciate not having to find parking at multiple venues?

Enhance your decorations

3.  Re-purposing décor becomes a breeze when your ceremony and reception areas are within the same venue. Not only can you transfer the flowers and other decorations of your choice, but you can even utilize your ceremony arch as the backdrop for your sweetheart table.

Equal attendance

4. Ensure equal attendance for the ceremony and reception. Guests who wouldn’t be able to attend at separate locations for the ceremony and reception won’t have to make a choice.

An all-in-one venue ensures a smooth transition to the cocktail hour

5. No more confusion about where to go after the ceremony ends and when the cocktail hour starts. You can forget about all the awkwardness and rest assured that your guests are enjoying drinks and appetizers while you and the wedding party are busy taking photos.

More options for photography and videography at an all-in-one venue

6.  While churches often have certain restrictions on where and how photos and videos can be taken, the same is hardly ever the case at other venues.

Your DJ can start playing music 30 minutes before the guests arrive

7. They can also provide high-quality microphones for the ceremony officiant and readers. As well as ensure sound quality for live musical performances.

Whether you’re thinking intimate to grand, traditional to modern or something completely uniquely you – Tapestry Hall at the Gaslight District have rooms that will be perfect for your special day. With over six spaces for you to choose from, we here at Gaslight Events Company are excited to help make your wedding dreams come true. 

ABOUT TAPESTRY HALL: From intimate to grand, brunch to dinner, the team at Tapestry Hall is here to help you celebrate your forever in style! Get started today!

As seen in the Fall/Winter 2023 issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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