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Only 80% of 2020 weddings were postponed to 2021 or beyond. (Can you believe I said “only”??) But that means that 20% of couples decided to reimagine their dream wedding day. Were you one of them? Did you replan your 2020 wedding to take into account the gathering limits and physical distancing requirements?

We want to hear your story!! Tell us everything. What was the original plan? What did you change? Send us pics! There’s nothing we love more than love.

So help us fill the Ring and the world with love stories! 

But we want to hear ALLLL the love stories!

Did you recently get engaged? Tell us EVERYTHING! How did they propose? Where did it happen?

Already married pre-pandemic? Tell us your love story! We want all the details!

Photos courtesy of HRM Photography

Did you have to postpone your wedding because of COVID? We get it. It sucks! But there’s always love. It’s not the end of your love story, just another chapter. Are you planning to acknowledge/celebrate what would have been your original wedding day? How are you/did you make a sad day a little bit joyful? Help other engaged couples turn COVID lemons into lemonade (or a nice citrus martini).

Photo top left courtesy of Chrystal Stringer Photography | Photo bottom right courtesy of Woodgate Photography

If you’re a photographer, planner or other vendor: Do you have a wedding you’d like to submit? Click one of the above to submit your wedding with the couple’s permission. Or send this to your brides and grooms to have them submit their wedding.

*Please note, if we accept your submission, it can be a few weeks before we publish your story, and please know that we often edit profiles for length and clarity. Please be patient with us — we promise to email if your wedding is selected for publication!

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