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Brentwood Livery ( recently shared with us why it’s so important to them that each and every bride and groom get exactly what they are promised when they sign a contract with them. 

“Let me share a wedding story with you that didn’t work out so unforgettably. Over 10 years ago, when we were fully booked we would contract out a wedding business to other limousine companies.  It was a sunny day and the bride and groom were in a park in Stratford doing photos when the sky opened up and the heavens poured down rain. The chauffeur was across the parking lot, perhaps not watching the weather close enough to see if he needed to be there with an umbrella in hand or ready with the car parked close in case the weather changed. Well as you can imagine the rain put a real damper on the Brides hair and make up as well as her beautiful gown. Because we guarantee an unforgettable experience we owed it to the bride to care for her and make sure she felt valued regardless of the unfortunate wedding day changing incident. At this point, when discussing the situation with the bride it was irrelevant that it was a chauffeur from another company, it just looked like our mistake,  so we agreed on a settlement that would show her value.

Brentwood Livery | Photo: Melissa Weber Photography
Brentwood Livery | Photo: Melissa Weber Photography

18 months later she called back and said “Brent do you remember me? I’m no longer happy with the deal we made.” I couldn’t forget as the incident, it was unique and I felt she was more than reasonable about the solution at the time but when she came back to me she said “The reason I’m no longer happy is I experienced your service with a chauffeur trained by your company for my friend’s wedding and now I realize all the unforgettable things I missed on my wedding day!”

“At the end of the day you don’t know what you’ve missed until you experience the difference, and that’s hard for us to describe. To tell you that the chauffeur is properly uniformed and  trained specifically for creating your Unforgettable wedding day the first time with no DO OVERS… most brides wouldn’t understand until it’s too late. Needless to say this propelled our Wedding Service Policy that we no longer hire other limo companies to serve our Brides and Grooms.” – Brent

Brentwood Livery
Brentwood Livery

“What you might know if you read our testimonials is that we care about delivering the unforgettable wedding day experience; arriving on time, in a meticulously cleaned and maintained limousine to make it a stress free day. However, here at Brentwood Livery it goes beyond that. We believe we don’t deserve your money if we can’t provide an ontime, stress-free wedding day experience. That’s the standard and value we offer. Most companies won’t stand behind their service with any type of guarantee But at Brentwood we believe we don’t deserve your money if we can’t deliver on time professionally trained and wedding experienced chauffeurs in a meticulously cleaned, well-maintained limousine. So if we don’t deliver that we won’t even accept your money.” – Brent

Give Brentwood Livery a call if you have more questions or send them a message. We would be pleased to deliver whatever we can to make your wedding day an Unforgettable experience.

MORE ABOUT BRENTWOOD LIVERY | Brentwood Livery ( specializes in unforgettable chauffeured service with genuine care towards couples (more details in their review in The Ring, here). To find out more, email Brentwood Livery directly using the form below. 🙂

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