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Have you always dreamed of getting married in your own backyard? At your Uncle’s horse farm? Or your parent’s immaculately landscaped estate grounds? Then you make a list of all the extra things you would need to order, organize and pay for and end up looking into venues instead? Well, Little Mushroom Catering ( can help take the stress away and plan an amazing day for you!…

“As a wedding coordinator I hear this from couples all the time. I am often asked to compare an established venue to a private residence wedding, in terms of cost.” – Elizabeth – Certified Wedding Planner with Little Mushroom Catering

Little Mushroom Catering
Little Mushroom Catering
“Surprisingly to some, the cost is going to be almost the same. That being said, there are many benefits to hosting your wedding on a private residence that many people over look.” – E
1) Choose ANY vendors you want. There are no limitations to your vendors when you are on private property – you won’t be required to select from a list of preferred or exclusive caterers, DJs, Photographers or Decorators.
2) No Landmark fee charged. Most wedding venues charge something called a landmark or levy fee on top of the rental fee. This payment is for many things; this allows the catering service to have use of water, hydro, staging space etc., some goes towards marketing and some towards preservation of the property itself. This can be anywhere from 5% – 25% of the catering cost. This can come as a real surprise to most couples when they are budgeting. With a private residence this charge is non-existent, saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.
Little Mushroom Catering
Little Mushroom Catering
3) More cost effective Bar. The AGCO will not issue SOPs for private residences, so there is no permit cost or levy charged on top of the alcohol you purchase. You won’t be able to charge anything for the drinks you serve, but you’ll be spending a lot less, since you won’t be paying any bar premiums or venue “bar package” prices. This also means you’ll have a lot more freedom with youR bar varieties. As a professional, I highly recommend you still get PAL insurance, even though you wouldn’t be required to, it’s a smart move.
4) Make your own timeline. Some venues will tell you, when you book your wedding with them, what time your ceremony and dinner will be at. This is to ensure they can fit as many weddings into their venue in a day as possible. This can leave some couple’s feeling flustered or frustrated with the lack of say or control on their own wedding day. Most venues only give you the 1 day rental (9am – 1am). In that time you are expected to do all the set up and tear down as well as try and enjoy your wedding. This makes for a long and exhausting day. There are some venues that will give you a couple of hours on the Friday to set up, but even then, at the end of the night your bridal party has to stick around to clean up all the DIY décor etc. Not a great way to end the most fun day of your life. In your own backyard or family property, you’ll have a couple of days before and after to get things in line and cleared up afterwards, which relaxes the whole process.
5) Get the “Look” you truly want. Barn, Tent, drive shed, garden, wheat field, airplane hangar, whatever it is you imagine you can have it on the right property. I have assisted with many private residence weddings and all of them have been so different and unique in the atmosphere and feeling they put out. Looking at pictures of banquet halls or wedding venues, you can see the different centre pieces or chair covers that past couples have done, but in the end, it’s all the same room, similar floor plan etc. When you plan your wedding on a private property you can make it really your own and have things your way.
“Now, don’t get me wrong, backyard weddings aren’t for every couple. There are a lot of decisions to be made and you should have a clear vision going into your planning process. For those couples who want to make a statement with their wedding and have their friends and family talk about it for years, a private residence wedding can give you the freedom to do some pretty incredible things. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the idea of planning a backyard wedding, meet up with a wedding coordinator, as they can really help you to stay on budget and get tasks completed in time.
And an extra little bonus I don’t want to forget to mention, is that when you host your wedding on a private property, your fur-babies and 4 legged besties can attend as well!” – E
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