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Maximum Music is a name that many brides, hotels and caterers already know and love. Owner Rod McMahon has designed his company to offer music services that are professional, reliable, and very focused on weddings. Rod says, “We’re not a production company or club DJs, our focus is weddings. We provide quality DJ services at competitive prices to weddings.”

They know how to evoke emotion and create a flow to move your guests from one song to the next on the dance floor. They will build energy in your guests and anticipate the direction to take the music. When you sign with Maximum Music they are “all in” to make sure the reception is a huge success.

Rod says, “Our relationship is just beginning when you choose us to be your DJ. We will build on your trust and confidence over the months of planning so that on wedding day you are ready to relax and enjoy a fun celebration with family and friends.” One of their amazing DJ’s will take it over the finish line and make your party the most talked about topic for months to come!

Products & Services

Including the extras

DJs from Maximum Music set up and run a sound check one hour prior to your wedding’s official start time. This hour is not billed for but treated as an extra measure to make sure the night goes as planned.

Your music can include music for both the ceremony and reception, cocktail hour, or dinner music – essentially anything you need at no additional cost.

More from Maximum Music

They have a lot of content on their blog but here are 5 that really will help you differentiate them from the other DJs so you have the confidence to proceed.

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Packages & Pricing

Who they are…

Maximum Music is a DJ service company that’s been in business for over thirty years. Based out of Toronto, they serve clients from the Niagara Region to Muskoka and everything in between. Of the 150+ events, they do a year, most of them are weddings.

They take great pride in being different and are changing the perception of what people think about wedding entertainment. Not tacky and their wide offering of services is anything but average. With their knowledge and talent they have changed the game – no cheese, no corny games, just extremely fun wedding celebrations.

When you are hiring a DJ for your wedding there are so many questions; “How do you decide on my DJ?” “When do I know who my DJ will be?” “Is Maximum Music easy to work with?” “How will you take away my stress about having a great party?” They understand and specialize in weddings and perfected the process of first making sure they are a good fit for you then working with you to collect the details and assign the perfect DJ so your party is awesome.

With a roster of more than 10 DJs, they are Toronto’s well-known, multi-award-winning company that strives to provide only the best in the industry with high-quality work! With unmatched customer service and a team of professionals, they strive to provide you with an event you’ll never forget!

What brides and grooms want

If you ask anyone at Maximum Music what type of event they love to play for most, they’ll likely answer quickly – “Weddings.” Rod says it’s because it’s fun and because we get to make people happy and be part of a celebration. All of our DJs love doing weddings. The wedding dance brings the widest variety of people together.”

If you’ve ever spoken with a past bride or groom of Maximum Music or looked through their portfolio of references, it sounds like the feeling is mutual. Couples already seem to know and love the Maximum Music name, and from what we can tell, there are a lot of really great reasons why…

The Library: Maximum Music offers a large library of fully licensed songs including both Canadian and multicultural playlists. Every Maximum DJ brings this database of tunes with them to each event.

The DJ: Rod says you can count on their DJs being professional – they dress for the occasion, they control the volume (keeping it loud enough for dancing yet not so loud that it discourages conversation) and they don’t use the mic unless it’s appropriate. “Our main job is to play the music. We don’t tell jokes or lead conga lines. We won’t overstep the line of professionalism with inappropriate comments or conduct at the risk of embarrassing you, guests, or Maximum Music. Our DJs show enthusiasm, take and play requests, and do their best to stimulate a fun-filled evening of music and dancing.”

The Knowledge: Rod considers it the mission of his company and their DJs to offer a selection of music that will appeal to all musical tastes, and more importantly, to know which music selections are appropriate to play at which times. They recognize that the wedding dance is the single longest event of the day. Rod says that’s why the entire team at Maximum considers it their personal responsibility to offer great music and great service all under one roof.

The Equipment: Rod says that all Maximum Music equipment is state-of-the-art, as is the necessity in the DJ business. Maximum Music doesn’t focus on the techno-style bells and whistles. They say that fancy lights and fog aren’t always appropriate, which is why they leave that decision in the hands of their couples. Their real focus is on offering a fun wedding dance that engages all of your guests.

Walking you through it…

To get started, couples can call or email Maximum for wedding date availability. You will speak with Rod who handles your booking and will be happy to hear from you any time. Email or phone is recommended to make sure that enough time is set aside to help you with your questions and music plans. You can reach out to Maximum Music via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

All couples are given access to Maximum Music’s online music planning tools, as well as their online database of wedding music suggestions, wedding planning blogs, and more. Maximum Music will also go through all of the details with you by phone in the weeks leading up to your wedding day, making sure everything is perfect from the first contact to the last dance.

A lot of the music planning, including selecting your playlist, can be done online as well. If you need a little guidance, Maximum staff can also act as music tutors if you want an outside perspective – giving advice on choices, and helping you with the ‘banned list’. They also offer a knowledge base of planning tips and advice on their website and social media channels, drawing from their experience providing music to over 10,000 weddings.

“They had lots of freedom with the choices of music. You could completely handpick the song list, or simply choose a category for them to play from…It was great to hand them a list prior to our wedding with song choices and information, and not have to worry on our wedding day.” – Stacey and Kirt Lebe

The Maximum Music team will contact you to run through and recap all of your last-minute details and make sure everyone is on the same page. Rod says it’s a smooth process because it’s one that they’ve been refining over the course of the Thirty + years they’ve been in business. Every step is designed to ensure you get great music with minimum stress on your part. And if at any point from booking up to the wedding you have any questions, you have access to Maximum Music by phone and email.

Rod says that at your wedding, you’ll have a professional, reliable DJ who knows how to run the evening’s music smoothly and who won’t overstep his or her bounds. He or she will know what to play and when to play it.

Details, Details, Details

• You should book your date with Maximum Music approximately 6 to 12 months ahead of time, though you can book as soon as 3 years in advance (and some people do).
• The fee is almost always $1975 and the deposit is $600 that is always 100% transferrable
• Your balance is due on or before the day of the wedding.
• HST not included in package prices.

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