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Below is a compiled list of questions we’ve been asked over the years.
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Fall 2024
• Guelph: Sept 15 – 11 am – 3 pm | Frank Hasenfratz Centre For Excellence *New Location*
• Barrie-Simcoe County: Oct 6 – 11 am – 3 pm | Nottawasaga Resort
• Stratford: Sept 22 – 11 am – 3 pm | Best Western The Arden Park Hotel
• Brantford: Sept 22 – 11 am – 3 pm | Affinity Conference Centre *New Location*
• Niagara: Sept 29 – 11 am – 4 pm | White Oaks Conference Resort and Spa *New Location*
• Kitchener-Waterloo: Oct 6 – 11 am – 4 pm | Bingemans – Ballroom
• London: Oct 20 – 11 am – 3 pm | Best Western Lamplighter Inn
• Newmarket-Uxbridge: Oct 20 – 11 am – 3 pm | Mill Run Golf Club *New Location*
• Hamilton: Oct 27 – 11 am – 4 pm | Hamilton Convention Centre
• Norfolk: Nov 3 – 11 am – 3 pm | Greens of Renton *New Location*
• Cambridge: Nov 3 – 11 am – 3 pm | Tapestry Hall
• Oakville: Nov 10 – 11 am – 3 pm | OE Banquet & Conference Centre *NEW

Winter 2025

• Kitchener-Waterloo: Jan 11&12 – 11 am – 4 pm | Bingemans – Marshall Hall
• Stratford: Feb 1 – 11 am – 3 pm | Best Western The Arden Park Hotel
• Guelph: Feb 8 – 11 am – 3 pm | Frank Hasenfratz Centre For Excellence *New Location*
• Niagara: Feb 22 – 11 am – 4 pm | White Oaks Conference Resort and Spa *New Location*
• London: Feb 23 – 11 am – 3 pm | Best Western Lamplighter Inn
• Oakville: Mar 2 – 11 am – 4 pm | OE Banquet & Conference Centre
• Brantford: Mar 22 – 11 am – 3 pm | Affinity Conference Centre *New Location*
• Cambridge: Apr 6 – 11 am – 3 pm | Tapestry Hall
• Woodstock: Apr 27 – 11 am – 3 pm | Craigowan Golf Club *Tentative*

Hamilton: TBA
Barrie-Simcoe County: TBA
Norfolk County: TBA

The following is approximate # of couples we see at our shows, based on recent events. Please note that this does NOT include entourages or other guests. This is simply the number of couples.
• Barrie 175-200
• Brantford 250-375
• Cambridge 200-400
• Guelph 175-200
• Hamilton 500+
• K-W 500+
• London 250-350
• Niagara 500+
• Stratford 125-150
• Woodstock 125-150
• Haldimand-Norfolk (formerly Veil & Tie) 100-200*NEW

Vendor setup for all shows will be the morning of the show starting at 8:00am unless otherwise stated in the vendor setup email.

KW, Hamilton, Oakville & Niagara may have a setup time the day before, we will let everyone know move information in the setup email sent out a week before the show. 

Please try not to tear down your booth before the show ends as we always have couples still walking around.

You can tear down immediately following the show (items cannot be left overnight at the venue) and should be completed by no later than 6pm.

Micro Booths – NEW! The Ring is offering micro booths to suit the exhibitor who doesn’t need a lot of space to promote their product or service. Micro Booths are just a cocktail table and a chair with space for a single popup. Pipe and drape are not included. Access to hydro is not guaranteed. Starting at $335 for our 1 day shows (KW, Hamilton, Oakville & Niagara are $395) and $495 for our 2 day shows.

Mini Booths – Available ONLY at the KW, Hamilton, Oakville & Niagara Expos – Do you need more than a cocktail table, but less than a full-size booth? Mini Booths are 6×6 and include pipe and drape, one – 6-foot table, and chair. Prices start at $525

Single Booths – 10×8 (or 8×8 depending on the city), a single booth is our most popular option. Located in the heart of the Expo and includes all the bells and whistles listed above. Prices start at $495

Double Booth – Go big or go home! 20×8 (or 16×8 depending on the city), a double booth gives you the most square footage for your expo dollar and includes all the routine inclusions plus extra tables and chairs as requested. Prices start at $895

Handmade Market – Available at all expos (excluding Woodstock) – Are you a Canadian-based maker, artisan creating your own products? Handmade with Love Market spaces are reserved exclusively for you and your handmade creations. Includes one – 8-foot table and chair with space for a single popup. Pipe and drape are not included. Access to hydro is not guaranteed. Starting at $150

Larger and custom booths are available upon request

Pipe & drape is 8ft tall. You are welcome to go taller (if the ceiling space allows) as long as you stay within your booth space.

It is recommended not to obstruct the view of neighbouring booths.

Your booth at The Ring’s Wedding Expo includes:

  • Black pipe and drape (excludes Micro Booths as well as the Norfolk County Wedding Expo)
  • Chairs
  • One 8-foot table, 1 or 2 chairs (except Micro and Mini Booths) *Linens are not provided. (Table package available in KW, Hamilton, Oakville, and Niagara for a small fee)
  • Access to the WiFi (*Expo Management is not responsible for the quality, speed or reliability of the venue.)
  • Access hydro – based on booth location, must be requested in advance (available in KW, Hamilton, Oakville and Niagara for a small fee)
  • Inclusion in expo routine marketing before, during, and after the expo – expo handout, passport, online exhibitor list, and social media tags.
  • Access to the attendee least after the expo


  • Table Package available at KW, Hamilton, Oakville & Niagara for $35 (any size table with black linen)
  • Cocktail table or 6ft table $25 each
  • Additional tables any size $35 each
  • Linens are NOT included but black linens are available to rent for $25
  • Welcome Bag – you can include a branded gift item (nail file, hair tie, notepad, etc) in the Welcome Bags at no additional charge. If you’d like to include a paper marketing item, prices start at $150

Varies per location.

A vendor setup email will be sent to you the week before the show with all the information for the show.

Yes. Once you have paid your deposit, we will send you the layout to choose your top 3 booth choices (we’ll do our best to accommodate your request).*The Wedding Ring reserves the right to relocate exhibits which may be affected by a change in the floor plan.

In order to maintain our category limits, you may only exhibit in one category. For example, venues, dj’s and planners often bring photobooths which exceeds our category limit. If you’d like to exhibit in multiple categories, there is a $150 surcharge for each additional category.

When you arrive to the show to setup there will be layout diagram, as well as #’s on each booth.

Hydro is available wherever possible, if you need hydro please let us know ASAP. *There is a small fee for Hydro at the KW, Hamilto, Oakville & Niagara Expo.

No, power cords are not available. Please plan accordingly and bring your own (keep in mind that the power plug may NOT be in/near your booth)

Vendors are permitted to give out samples, but please keep in mind those who could have allergies (such as a nut allergy). *KW exhibitors will need to fill out a Region of Waterloo ‘Special Event Form for Food Vendors’

Food trucks are welcome to attend the Wedding Expos, they will fall under the catering category. The unique feature of Food Trucks are their mobile kitchens, these will be allowed to park in a prominent location outside of the Wedding Expo Venue (just like a Limo). Food truck operators will have a booth assigned to them inside the expo show floor. As with all caterers, Food truck operators can bring samples of their food to their booths for Expo attendees to try.
As mobile kitchens, food truck operators are welcome to cook their food on their trucks before and during the Expo. However because of various city Bylaws and venue regulations food trucks will NOT be permitted to sell food from their trucks or at their expo booths, only free samples can be provided.

No, unfortunately we don’t allow booth sharing so your baker, photographer, decorator, etc would not be allowed.

No, discounts are not available. We’ve already striped the cost of the booth down to it’s lowest point, then added in your tables, chairs, hydro (where applicable), wifi, and anything else we could think of. Our all-in-one pricing helps us keep our booth price low and vendor experience high. Unfortunately, if we start cutting the price, we have to start cutting the services.

Not all locations have carts available to transport items to booths. Please plan accordingly.

Dollys/carts usually run between $30 and $80 at Home Hardware or similar store and are worth every penny!

If there is a special door allocated to set-up/tear-down we will let you know in the Vendor Setup email.

Yes, we try our best to ensure that similar vendors are spaced out and limit those with similar products (ie. Photography, DJ, Photobooth, etc.)

  • The Wedding Ring Magazine
  • E-Blast to over 15,000 couples
  • Social Media
  • Various radio stations
  • Exhibitors
  • Various online groups

We provide each couple that comes into the show with a handout that lists businesses that are attending the show. We also use the logos on our website to create an Exhibitors List as well as on social media when promoting the shows.

This varies per show, we will let you know the final # in the vendor email.

You can give them to us no later than 9 am the morning of the show.

There is no vendor specific parking, parking is free at most shows. 

Hamilton has metered street parking available as well as the adjacent parking garage. $2 per hour, maximum of $15 per day

You are welcome to do door prizes or draws at your booth. If you have a no purchase necessary door prize that you would like us to award, please give that to us by 10 am on show day. 

Insurance is strongly recommended to protect you and your business.

The Ring offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities to suit any budget and wish.

• Grand Prize Sponsor
Social Media Sponsor – starting at $350 plus booth
• Event Sponsor (Social Media and Print Sponsor) – starting at $500 plus booth

Click HERE to learn more about sponsoring The Ring’s Wedding Expo’s

Exhibitor badges are not required and will not be handed out (unless you’d like to wear one you provide).

No open flames, candles, smoke emitting devices or sternos are allowed.

Yes, participating vendors can request a copy of the couples list of those that gave permission to be contacted after the show.

*Sharing the Expo contact list with non-exhibitors is a violation of CASL. Mailing lists may not be sold or otherwise distributed with non-exhibitors and are for the exclusive use of the Exhibitor.

Cold Sparking Indoor Fireworks will not permitted without prior special permission. May affect booth location.*IF allowed, please take into consideration those that may be effected by the bright lights.

Payments are non-refundable/non-transferrable. In the event of a postponement, all deposits/payments will be applied to the new date.

Payments are non-refundable/non-transferrable. Cancelling a booth after payment, in whole or in part, has been collected will result in forfeit of payment.

At the Ring, we are 100% inclusive. Regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender or any other variable, all couples must be made to feel welcome and loved at our expos, in our magazine, and online. Exhibitors will conduct themselves in a courteous, professional manner. Expo Management reserves the right to expel from the expo anyone who behaves in an objectionable manner as determined by Expo Management. 

Booth staffing limits:  A single booth will comfortably fit 2 staff members, 3 if you limit your display. Double booths fit 4-6 people. Micro booths only allow for 1 person. Mini booth can hold 2 people. All staff must remain within the booth. Keep aisles and entrances/exits clear and don’t overload your booth.

If you have any other questions, please email us at [email protected].

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