Cambridge Mill {review}

Cambridge Mill provides brides and grooms with a stunning location and fabulous view of the Grand River

Request more pricing, details and info from this vendor!If you’re looking for a timeless, unique and romantic location to host your Wedding, you’re going to want to check out Cambridge Mill. This location, which is family-run by life-long restaurateurs, the Ciancone Family, has been designed specifically to be fabulous for Weddings, Special and Corporate Events.  The Staff at The Wedding Ring sat down with the Ciancone Family to find out what engaged couples would most want to know; what does Cambridge Mill offer, how many people can it accommodate and how soon can they book their weddings there?

Here’s what we found out…

The Cambridge Mill

Cambridge Mill brings historical and modern design together in one fabulous venue, with its stunning wood beams and romantic room set-ups and a multitude of windows to let the outdoors inside. Cambridge Mill boarders the Grand River in a picturesque setting that feels as if it were designed just for your wedding day. Leanne says, “There are beautifully landscaped gardens and historic architectural features. Every room is elegantly finished to provide a room with the décor needed or a backdrop that works with any couple’s style.”

Cambridge Mill is a full wedding day destination venue, accommodating the ceremony, photo shoot, cocktail reception and reception all in this one facility.

Leanne knows that couples are looking for that ultimate location, unique venues that have a character of their own and that will tie in with their own vision of the day. “They’re moving away from church weddings and wanting that destination for all aspects of their day. Couples are more educated in food and want higher quality options in menu choices.”

For most couples, a quality, tasteful menu is a top priority, and the Ciancone’s know it. That’s why they’d never be caught referring to their food as “banquet food.” The Cambridge Mill management prides themselves on quality, seasonal cuisine and the experience it takes to prepare and serve it professionally. According to Leanne this is one reason why brides and grooms love them. The venue’s management is comprised of seasoned professional with degrees in Hospitality from the University of Guelph, Ryerson and the Stratford Chef School. “Our Maitre d’s and Concierge’s are trained in-house to provide our high standard of service,” explains Leanne. “Our couples are very diverse with flexible budgets; they value our food philosophy and our tranquil atmosphere.”

The Cambridge Mill Team

If you decide to hold your wedding at Cambridge Mill, you’ll get to know two (among many) fabulous members of their team.

Tyler Sitko has worked at Cambridge Mill as a Maître d’, Concierge, Event Coordinator and is now our Special Events Consultant. This is Ty’s dream job! He loves working closely with our wedding couples, seeing their visions come to life. Ty has tons of energy and is thrilled to meet all the future Cambridge Mill couples.

Packages, options & need-to-knows

At Cambridge Mill they can host not only the wedding reception in the Falls Room (140-200 Guests), Gallery Room (90-130 Guests) or Waterfront Room (60-100 Guests) but also the wedding ceremony in the Pavilion which overlooks the Grand River.

The Pavilion is featured with a peaked timber roof and slide-able glass for an indoor outdoor ceremony experience.

Wedding packages start at $115.00 per person January thru March and $160.00 per person April thru December. Pricing is inclusive of service charge and only 13% HST is additional.

Packages include Seasonal Passed Hors D’oeuvres, 3-Course Meal and Late Night in addition to beverage (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) consumption for the day.

The menus are seasonally inspired; only serving items that are in season.

Parking won’t be an issue since there’s parking for up to 500. The facility is also wheelchair accessible.

Walking you through it

Initially you can get in touch with Tyler by email or phone. From here you are offered a tour of Cambridge Mill where you can find out more about what packages are offered. They aim to be flexible to your needs and are available seven days a week.

Once you’ve booked they will meet with you six months before your wedding day to review details and arrange for quite possibly one of the best parts of planning a wedding; the menu tasting. Then you are set to go and you will have a “final details appointment” at least 1 month prior to your wedding.

On the day itself you are greeted by your personal Maitre d’and Concierge who Leanne says is yours for the day, making sure that the couple and all of the guests in attendance are well taken care of.

Details, details, details…

A 25% deposit secures your room and date
 Management recommends booking 12 to 18 months in advance for peak season dates
 Prices are inclusive of gratuities (service charge)

Contacting Cambridge Mill

Tyler Sitko at Cambridge Mill can be reached by email using the form below 🙂 You can also visit Cambridge Mill online at You can see recent real wedding stories here and here.

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