Top 5 Question’s To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

From photography style to the difference between assistant and second principal photographer, this must-ask list created by the team at Latte Productions (website) can save you a frustration and help you narrow down the field when it comes to choosing the perfect photographer for you. Here are Latte’s top five questions to ask before you book…

1. What do you consider your photography style to be?

“Latte’s style is one which combines a nice balance of casual and photojournalistic aspects while also providing a fun and more directive approach to the more formal moments. Through this approach we are able to show our couples genuine interactions with one another while ensuring they are not subjected to ‘posey’ formal photos. We aim to ensure our couples see themselves in the images and not feel as though they are being placed into the same overly used stances as every other wedding. The Latte style is even easier for our couples to enjoy because of the full day and night coverage they receive. Most moments happen naturally whenever they do throughout the wedding and those that require more coordination to create are easily accommodated when the time is most appropriate and convenient for them.”

2. Do you bring an assistant or a second primary photographer?

“Latte’s package always includes two primary photographers. Our studio does not have any secondary shooters, assistants, interns, or for-the-day hired outside resources. This differs from most studios that have a primary photographer and then bring along a clearly less skilled secondary helper. Latte brides get two equally talented and experienced photographers that are on the studio’s payroll and accountable to the couples the entire time.”

3. Do you work well with videographers?

“Latte loves working with other vendors, especially videographers. In fact, Latte meets with some videographers almost monthly to help develop package offerings and add-on services that truly help make a couples wedding experiences a smooth one. Ironically, most videographers and other photography studios have resistance about working with one another as a wedding is treated like something that has to be split among them. Latte works with videographers to share the experience so the couples get the best outcomes from both services, often even lending spare resources or help to videographers to add more value to the end result.”

4. Will the photographer provide you high resolution USB’s of your images?

“Latte provides all of it’s couples with a USB containing the full resolution of the photos, and all within two weeks after the wedding. Couples get to enjoy their photos without any watermarks or logos and they can copy, print, duplicate, post, share any photos they desire.”

5. Are you willing to let us have input on the photos that we want?

While we hope couples have thoroughly enjoyed and are comfortable with our more natural style of photography, we openly encourage couples to share any specific styles or looks to photos they desire. Usually brides share their Pinterest boards with us so we can work in moments seamlessly into their day that otherwise may not have occurred on their own.

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