{wedding inspiration} Bridal Style by Jessica Mulroney

It’s not every day we have the honor of Jessica Mulroney close by so when we received an invitation to interview her, at the beautiful Shangra Lai Hotel in Vancouver, we jumped all over that idea.  One traffic ticket, one ferry ride and one traffic snarl later, we arrived – excited and ready to meet with Canada’s style and bridal maven.

What to ask…what to ask…after all, Jessica is the face and mind behind the gorgeous Kleinfeld Canada at Hudson’s Bay which lives on the seventh floor of downtown Toronto’s Bay Centre. (If you ever have a chance to visit the seventh floor I suggest you do so as it’s not only Kleinfeld Canada but a whole floor of the Hudson’s Bay Gift Registry! It feels like you fell into a RL version of their Lookbook…) We started simple and asked for some trends and tips based on her personal experiences with the brides that visit Kleinfeld Canada.

Jessica began by sharing her personal mantra when it comes to bridal beauty. “It’s really important that brides think about being healthy and happy at this important time in their lives. Lots of rest, food that will help keep hair and skin looking great and trying to keep the stress manageable should all be at the top of a bride’s ‘to do’ list.”

“Lots of couples get so caught up in all of the chaos around planning that they forget to take care of themselves!”Jessica added.

Jessica was also very particular about starting early in the game, so to speak. “As soon as the ring is on start thinking about an exercise and beauty program that will make you feel happy and healthy. Don’t forget your hair…try products that will strengthen the hair over a long period of time.”

And what trends is she noticing? “Shoes are becoming so much more important as a bridal statement and we curate a collection of shoes in the salon that is broad enough for every taste.  So much can depend on the height of the bride and groom but a pop of colour can be fun. I actually like the idea of sneakers under the dress for the reception!”

And the ever changing trends when it comes to gowns? “I love the transformer trend which I think is so cool. And I love a bit of a sexier look but not too risque…don’t go too far! Sleeves are elegant and, in our climate, very welcome. I love when brides don’t feel the need to go long as there are so many shorter and more relaxed looks these days.”

Kleinfeld Canada photo by PinktheTown

And did she watch ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ before starting her experience at Kleinfelds? “Of course, who doesn’t? But I think Ben liked it even more than me!”

Speaking of Ben, how does this insanely busy couple cope with their schedule and three children? “The twins are five while Ivy is two and a powerfully independent little girl. We believe it is important not to interrupt their lives so we try to make sure we do not travel together too much. That way one of us is available to be at home. We recognize this is such an important time as a family and try to be together as much as possible.”

One of the reasons Jessica is even busier these days is that, in addition to helping brides choose their gowns, she is also involved with Sophie Trudeau’s fashion choices. “I have known Sophie for a very long time so, when she told me she would need a lot of things, we talked about helping Canadian designers. Yes, people seemed surprised about us crossing political lines, but we were looking to give our designers an international spotlight. People around the world are fascinated with the Trudeau’s so Sophie has a lot of influence that she is able to use…and I am excited to help with that!”

We would be remiss not to ask about Jessica’s charity work with The Shoebox Project. It turns out that her work in the bridal industry has been a real boon for this wonderful idea that is spreading to other countries. “Everyone has tried to help out in some way and we had the most boxes ever this year. This is what I am most proud of as it’s a simple idea that makes a difference. We just hope that people continue to support! (Take the time to find out how you can make your own Shoebox for Women’s Shelters.)

The Shoebox Project
The Shoebox Project

Jessica is now three years into her exciting Kleinfeld Canada/Hudson’s Bay experience and she couldn’t be happier about how things have turned out. “I have met so many amazing people and learned to appreciate bridal designers incredible work.  I have been so lucky! And I am so amazed that we get to be a part of such a big day in these women’s lives. We get to contribute to their happiness and that is so meaningful.”

Curiosity wins out as we ask why no one has ever seen her try on wedding gowns (though we are enjoying her IG #366daysoflooks!)? “Nobody wants me to go there! Every dress is so beautiful. How would I ever decide?”

Special thanks to The Publicist Group and Viviscal for Hair