Ten Wedding Anthems For a Legendary Dance Floor

DJ Charlie Clean (click for review – interview, prices, packages, reasons to love them) shares ten wedding anthems that’ll make your dance floor a legendary meeting spot for your guests…

1. I Love It ~ Icona Pop ~ This has become a massive female anthem and hearing screams of “I DON”T CARE!” can be heard from miles away.

2. Home for a Rest ~ Spirit of the West ~ This song was out in High School for many guests attending weddings, and this is why reminiscing while swinging a complete stranger around on the dance floor is so appealing to many…

3. Don’t Stop Believin’ ~ Journey ~ The #1 most requested songs at weddings, and because of this we often save it right until the very end of the party. Why not form a circle and sing to your drunken delight with all your closest friends and family.

4. Crazy in Love ~ Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z ~ Maybe it’s the theme, maybe it’s the vibe, maybe it’s the time when it came out that appeals to so many guests, but one thing is for certain, and that is this song lights up the dance floor at weddings!

5. Danza Kuduro ~ Don Omar ft. Lucenzo ~ If you’re wedding is lacking some energy, this song is a sure way to pack the dance floor and remind your guests why they love going on holiday. It’s a true escape for a few minutes and is a massive crowd pleaser.

6. Jump Around ~ House of Pain ~ A song to play right in the thick of the late night dance crowd, the boisterous yells of excitement will be satisfying to many a DJ when the famous intro starts to climb to another level.

7. Ho Hey ~ The Lumineers ~ A singing anthem for every guest to enjoy for the end of the night singing circle, there’s no more fitting end to an amazing wedding than hearing guests serenade the newlyweds by singing “I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart”.

8. Timber ~ Pitbull ft. Ke$Ha ~ Anything by Pitbull works for guests of all ages, but being as this was a fairly recent massive chart-topping anthem, we’ll go with this for now.

9. You Shook Me All Night Long ~ AC/DC ~ Anyone who prefers the rock era of the past will be desperate to hear this classic, and bring a few friends along for the ride on the dance floor.

10. We Like To Party ~ Vengaboys ~ Pure cheese at its best right here, which is perfect for weddings! Anyone in the 30-40 age demographic will be instantly reminded of his or her younger years when music was pure Euro ridiculousness.

More music ideas?

DJ Charlie Clean is a bit of a legend when it comes to DJing weddings in the K-W, Cambridge, Guelph areas. Want to ask him a question about wedding music? Reach him directly using the form below 🙂

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