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WEDDING DATE: August 31st, 2019

LOCATION: Villa Caledon Inn (, Caledon, ON

PHOTOGRAPHY: Carly Krazter Photography ( Guelph, ON “I found Carly through Instagram. I was on an endless search to find a photographer that shot real photos. Candid photos. After weeks of searching, I stumbled across her Instagram page and fell in love with her work, immediately, I was obsessed!” – L

GUEST #: 60

COLOUR PALETTE: Steel grey, white, forest green & gold

BRIDE ATTIRE: Essence of Australia from Sophie’s Gown Shoppe ( Mississauga, ON

HAIR & MAKEUP: JK Glam ( Barrie, ON


FLORAL: Popi’s Flowers Boutique ( Bradford, ON

DJ: Macmillian Entertainment ( Mississauga, ON

TELL US YOUR STORY: “It was June or July 2015 – my memory isn’t as great as once was! When Facebook was a thing, I left a message on my friend’s Facebook wall letting her know that I missed her, and wanted to hang out/get
together soon. A friend of hers liked my post. To my surprise, it was a very good looking man. And being single, my first initial thought was “Who is this?!” I immediately texted my friend to start my investigation, but she can
sometimes take too long to respond, so, I decided to take matters into my own hands and message him directly. It could have gone two ways; he could have thought I was completely insane, or that my approach was charming. I risked
it all and bet on the latter. Nothing crazy! I introduced myself and told him not to think I was strange for trying to get his attention on Facebook. Little did I know! He had already messaged our friend asking about me and was trying to get my contact details. Long story short, he proposed one year later and we got married on August 31st, 2019.” – L

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “Biggest challenge, unfortunately, was coordinating the family members that did not speak to each or interact with each other.” – L

BEST MEMORY: “Funny enough, it was taking our wedding/family photos! There were lots of jokes and laughter and everyone was just so elated and relaxed. Carly did such an amazing job at making everyone comfortable for
photos. Such a seamless process.” – L

ADVICE: “The purpose of your wedding is to celebrate your love with the people that are the most important to you. Nothing else should matter.” – L

Featured in the Fall/Winter 2021 issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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