{video} Who is HRM Photography?

This video, ‘Who is HRM Photography,’ intimately interviews the team at HRM Photography, and several of their clients. Ever wondered what makes a team of three top-named professional photographers tick? Or how they approach their craft and why they do what they do – even as they push 500 weddings to date? Then this video is a must-see 🙂

Who is HRM Photography Inc.? from AV Artisan on Vimeo.


HRM Photography is based out of London and Toronto, serving Southwestern Ontario and beyond. For more on HRM Photography, visit the HRM website, Facebook page, or review in The Ring. The team at HRM can be reached by email at info@hrmphotography.com or by phone at 519-936-8977 (London) and 416-707-3776 (Toronto).

HRM Photography