For gym lovers: best. e-session. ever.

Squats, lunges and chin ups at a local gym is were Christine and Jamie’s love story started! With both of them having a fun loving attitude the gym owner knew they would be a perfect match!

Bride & Groom: Christine Hillis & Jamie Johnson

A Nash Photograph
A Nash Photograph

How did he ask? “It was early on Christmas morning. Jamie packed a stocking full of goodies like socks that said ‘sole mates’, ring pops and a mini bottle of champagne. He had a jewelry box at the bottom with a the ring in it! Unfortunately Jamie got so nervous that when I opened the box, he just stared at me for a long time and finally said “So…?” I of course asked if there was a question he needed to ask or if he should get down on one knee. He felt bad about forgetting the big question so the following Christmas he did the same thing with a necklace that matches the ring. This time he remembered to ask and even had a speech prepared!” -C

How long have you been together? Since August 2015

Where did you first meet?  “We knew each other for about a year before we started dating as we were both members of a fairly small strength gym. The owner of the gym actually asked me if I would go on a date with Jamie as he had a feeling that the two of us would hit it off! I had always thought he was cute and super strong. Jamie said he thought I seemed fun and outgoing. We had no idea how well we would get along!” – C

When did you know he was the ‘one’? “One our second date, Jamie took me to the grocery store to get ingredients for him to cook for me. I spotted confetti guns in the checkout like and I commented about how fun they would be and Jamie said that he had wanted to get the but didn’t know when we would use them. We were both equally excited about the it and had a confetti gun fight in his driveway that night. I won (of course!) but I knew he was the one. He was able to get genuinely excited about silly things. He also handled his loss well!!” – C

Photographer: A Nash Photograph ( “We were actually late in the game to hire a photographer. So I was frantically contacting photographers that I had seen recommendations for on Facebook. Amy Nash was the first one we met with. When we met with her and Dean, we totally clicked! We also felt like it was meant to be because Amy was wearing an arrow necklace which is the name of out dog. We cancelled all of our other meetings and went with them. The photoshoot at the gym was so much fun! I loved that we got to be out goofy selves and Amy embraced that. I love that we got photos that capture who we are and they are as unique as we are.” – C

Any advice for couples who recently got engaged? “Relax. Book your venue and photographer early and everything else comes together. There’s always more to be done in terms of flowers or décor or photo booths, but stick to what matters to you. For us, we want a fun environment where the drinks are flowing and no one is bored. Outside of that, I’m sure things will come together.” – C&J

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